[Suggestion] Increase the Firo supply

Hi there, we’ve had a conversation on Discord today and another person mentioned we should increase the Firo supply, which I never really thought of.
I’ve realized that Firo is indeed a currency and the SoV coins are getting “boring” more or less.
I think Firo should increase it’s supply x10 or maybe even x20 (around 200-400M coins in total)
So basically if I owned 5 of the current Firo I’d get 50 of the “new, larger supply” Firo
Honestly there isn’t much to it other than it feeling more “natural” as in everyday money
Another + from doing this is that it’d attract more of investors as people tend to think that lower coin price = cheaper, ignoring the coin’s supply
I know there was a re-branding, there was (?) a hardfork for the Lelantus Spark, so I’d understand if this is out of question at the moment, but I really believe that we should lean towards being a currency rather than store of value (SoV) coin
Hope to hear your guys’ opinion on this

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To be truth, It depends on whether we are a currency or store of value.
If we want it to be a currency. Big circulating supply is needed.

Who wants to use bitcoin as a currency? People will use it as a digital gold instead. And people tend to hold it because of its high price, not use it. A country maybe do it. But it needs lightning. Cup of coffee lets say 0.0001 btc. Compare to doge, we need 19 Doge. Which one will you use? BTC which is valuable or Doge? This is psychology of people

With cheap prices, people tend to use it more.

If currency is our choices. We need a minimum doge circulating supply today. Why?

Firo marketcap today is 88.000.000 USD with circulating supply 21 Million, with 1 Firo=7$

If we want firo to be cheap and affordable for people to use it, we should make it x10000 to tackle an increasing marketcap.

Let’s say we do x10000. Then 88.000.000 USD with circulating supply 210 Billion. 1 Firo will equal to 0.0007$

If our marketcap explode to 8.8 Billion USD with 210 Billion circulating supply, then 1 Firo will equal to 0.7$.

This can still be affordable because it still around 1$.

By the way, this discussion is good.

But i need Progpow. Want it to mine it.

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Sorry, edit

"If our marketcap explode to 8.8 Billion USD with 210 Billion circulating supply, then 1 Firo will equal to 0.07$.

This can still be affordable because it still below 1$."

Increasing the supply will dilute the value of our bags.

No, what we proposed is basically if you have 1 Firo you’d have 10 of new Firo (if we increased supply by 10 times for an example)

So basically a redenomination ?

Yes, although I’m not sure if it’s smart to do that at this moment since we had a re-branding + this recent Lelantus Spark update / hardfork
But I’m personally all in for it

Just a slight correction - this recent hard fork was not for the new privacy protocol Lelantus Spark - that is not ready just yet.