Looking for Feedback: Firo Manifesto

So I’ve been thinking of how to encapsulate Firo’s values so that we can guide our decision making as a community. Obviously the below is a rough draft and we want to hear your feedback on this.

Firo is first and foremost committed to inclusive user privacy.
Inclusive meaning it means to be accessible to as many user groups as possible, while retaining powerful privacy technology. A balance must be struck, if there is powerful privacy, but it’s too difficult to use for most, it will be doomed to the use of only a few.

Firo is committed to trustlessness in privacy.
There are other, stronger privacy technologies out there, but they come at a cost of trust. Until these technologies improve so the trust is negligible, Firo stands firm on the principles of blockchain, which is trust minimization. Privacy and trustlessness are a powerful combination, that empowers individuals.

Firo is committed to the balance of decentralization and the power of the user’s networks.
Unlike some coins which are decentralization at any cost, and suffer the consequences of the trade-offs, Firo recognizes the power that comes with limited, selective centralization, such as a protocol enforced dev fund, and master nodes. Trade offs must be weighed and balanced, not thrown to the wind with no chance of compromise in the name of some arbitrary standard of purity.

Firo wants to bring privacy to the forefront of people’s minds.
Some projects push people away with their all-or-nothing approach, leaving people to believe it’s for criminals and/or inaccessible if you don’t follow every privacy purist rule. Others, have such a light touch with their privacy, that it gets lost and never used, despite it being their crowning achievement. Firo wants to greet skeptics, wanderers, and enthusiasts alike with open arms.

Firo wants to be currency.
Many other cryptos are platforms for some form of smart contracts or other ideas. While expanding the network in these ways can have some benefits, it also increases attack surface and muddies the regulatory waters for such coins. Firo is firmly focused on being a currency, albeit one that can easily bridge with other such crypto platforms.

Firo is committed to the relinquishment of power to the people.
Bootstrapping a completely decentralized project from scratch with “no leaders” is a once in a lifetime thing and not achievable for most. Leaders, both official and unofficial, have net benefits to the project over a period of time. Getting said leaders to relinquish their power, however, has been a human problem for all of history. Firo recognizes the reality of needing leaders with access to money, social media accounts, and setting a direction for the project, while simultaneously recognizing that the project can only truly succeed long term if all such powers eventually dissolve and go to the people.

Firo is focused on the empowerment of humanity through its technology.
This tech is made by people and for people. The human must not be forgotten when all aspects of the project are being maintained. If Firo becomes a service that has its own interests in mind, it is no better than the tyrannical governments that have abandoned their citizens and become self-serving entities. Firo looks to the individual, sees a need, and works to the betterment of the world, through technology, but in service to the human.


作为老币 价格的牌面不足, 粉丝的用户太少 ,我们现在需要人多 使用的人多才是去中心化。我们需要宣传它,让更多的人知道,至少需要一个形象带firo向新的高度冲击。
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Sounds great! I think it is good to have some sort of balance of decentralization. Pretty sure certain features couldn’t/hard to be implemented if it’s totally decentralized. While this may improve in the future, any cutting edge technology like lelantus need to mature to easy of integration of additional features.


Beautiful Manifesto. I think most of us who are hardcore believer in this project, are mostly because of privacy. Privacy and individual liberties are values fundamental to me and to a big lot of the society nowadays. In a age of mass surveillance and AI, i honestly believe that a project such as Firo will find his fair value in the eyes of the common users in the upcoming years. Most project should be as forward as Reuben and team are , in presenting a true vision that empowers users to value their privacy, money and liberties. And yes, a selective decentralization is what’s needed at this point in time.
Liberty and privacy will from now on always rhyme with Firo in this new age of crypto


Firo holds true to its decentralisation and privacy pillars during these hard times. These are essential in creating a decentralised ecosystem for future to thrive. Privacy is also essential in IoT. The details of every device should not be revealed in the network. The elysium tokenisation layer enables anybody to build upon the Firo blockchain for additional privacy. This is in the right direction.


I think the great story compliments the cutting edge tech. Honestly what got me into BTC was the story of sound money with a hard supply count, open source, and secured by mathematics/cryptography. Firo being on the forefront of privacy, with a trust less setup, this is an excellent mission statement moving forward that people can really get behind to compliment the technology supporting it.


This manifesto does a great job at encapsulating all the reasons that I believe in the Firo project. Could the famous “start with the why” TED talk could have been inspiration for this post? Whatever prompted it, Bravo! Is there a way that these guiding principals of FIRO can be more readily available to people immediately that they take an interest in the project? A pinned Tweet? A pinned message in Telegram? A page or banner on the website?


Great Manifesto! I agree with all the points.

The only criticism I have is the use of the word “inclusive” in the first point of the manifesto. This word is in my view so politicized through the PC police that it just automatically is a turn-off for me personally.

While semantically it is saying what I also agree with I personally would prefer another wording. My suggestion is:

Firo is first and foremost committed to user privacy for the people.
This means Firo aims to be accessible to as many user groups as possible, while retaining powerful privacy technology. A balance must be struck, if there is powerful privacy, but it’s too difficult to use for most, it will be doomed to the use of only a few.

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