[For New Members] Trust Level upgrade request thread

Trust Level

New members to the forum start at Trust Level 0.

Trust levels are based on activities on the forum and are a way to grant experienced users more rights over time. Simple tasks like entering and reading (spending at least 10 minutes) posts can automatically upgrade your account to Trust Level 1.

In order to participate in polls or votes, a Trust Level 1 account is required to post/vote on threads. This is to avoid bots or manipulation of votes on core topics that will affect the project moving forward.

How to request for a Trust Level Upgrade

We understand there are currently active members or members who have been following Firo for a long time but did not create a forum account. In this thread, you can request a Trust Level upgrade.

Please post in this thread with the following information:

  1. Nickname on Firo’s other platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.) where you have been lurking or participating.
  2. When did you know about Firo?


  1. AJaydono
  2. 2019 when Reuben introduced me to Zcoin