Should I take a step back?

Hey Firofam

I am considering taking a step back and relinquishing my position as Project Steward. I am not disappearing from the project, I’ll be helping the core team but won’t be public facing anymore except for the interviews I’ve already committed to.

The past few years, despite pretty amazing technical achievements that is literally moving the privacy coin space such as Lelantus and Lelantus Spark, in terms of market cap, we haven’t shown much results under my watch. I am extremely proud of the achievements the core team have made and I cannot fault them, as they were following my lead.

However, with the recent community poll and price declines, I have received quite a few DMs that I have been imposing my will on the project and that it is handicapping the growth of the project. These DMs made me do some serious soul searching and I realize that my beliefs and ideals of my version of fairness, honesty and decentralization have been posing a liability despite the very clear fundamental improvements in technology. My position as Project Steward has also made the project highly reliant on my efforts as I am seen as a leader to move things resulting in many in the community adopting a much more passive stance.

Perhaps what Firo needs is to have no central figure and to have the community take charge. This is also why I am a strong advocate of the creation of the community fund in the first place and I’m excited to see this pass. The direction of the core team in this whole year already has been set in any case with the launch of Lelantus Spark and completion of Elysium.

The position of Project Steward has taken a really heavy toll on me mentally and emotionally. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought of doing this as some of our community members know and I have tried taking temporary breaks in the past. Doing your best, making the most of our modest resources and being at the mercy to the whims and fancies of whales using the project as a play thing (such as today’s PnD) are very bitter pills to swallow. The past few months I’ve been going without pay to ensure everyone else gets paid and to retain talent has also been tough. As Firo holds a very very dear place in my heart, its success and failures weigh very heavily on me and it isn’t easy to put up a brave front all the time.

I’ll still be coordinating the core team in the background but I think it is best for myself and perhaps for the project that I do not speak on behalf of the project nor get involved in any of our community interactions. There are many passionate community members that I hope can step up and own this project and I will gladly always be available to share my resources, connections or experience to any community member who reaches out to me to do something for Firo.

I apologise for any missteps I have made and am grateful for being given the chance to steward Firo for the past few years. I am not selling any of my Firo and it remains the largest coin in my portfolio and I have belief that Firo remains extremely undervalued and the importance of our work. Please know that whatever I did, I always had the best of intentions to do right by everyone.

Firo belongs to the community and for it to thrive, it needs to be allowed opportunities to grow and govern and having a vocal project steward doesn’t really encourage that. I’m not going anywhere, I’m still part of the core team to ensure all our development promises are kept but Firo’s vision belongs to all #firofam.


Don’t blame yourself for anything, Reuben. Maybe you need a vacation, not a step back. Anyways, thank you very much for your support, clear mind and eloquent. You was and will be a part of FIRO family.


Great leadership shown here.
Personally I don’t think you should step back.
Perhaps you can take a break , to reflect and find inspiration?
You’re an inspiring guy with great knowledge and a great personality.


Devwarrior - I don’t think your kneejerk response is productive and I expect more of you based on how long you’ve been around. As the first post, look at how weak that looks to others.

Reuben - I admire your care for this community and Firo. I believe there are a couple of core issues at hand here and will share a few thoughts about each.

  1. Firo’s value/technology dissonance - Firo’s technology has improved dramatically - this is the team’s core strength. Including your technical leadership. Value vs. expected appreciation/use has underperformed. The primary issue coming up here is adoption growth has stagnated, Firo has not found its demand use case yet.

  2. Market manipulation - Firo seems to be pumped and dumped monthly fairly regularly. This hurts prospective investment. No idea why this happens but it’s a real pita. Maybe exchanges can help us understand what’s going on?

  3. You’re a different type of leader - Your leadership styles strength is in blockchain and privacy technical expertise and educating others. Markets, partnerships, growth, and community management all require different kinds of leadership. This is why leading the community is draining for you, you’re flexing yourself and trying to do it all. The community DOES NOT have all the answers, most consumers don’t know what they want before they want it. Steve Jobs didn’t ever ask what kind of ipod consumers wanted. I mean, you’re even asking the community if you should take a step back in this thread. No, most of us do not want you to step back… many of us are here because we’ve learned from you and you’ve inspired us. But it’s your life, think about why you asking the community to decide that for you?

At the end of the day Firo needs many leaders with different talents in different areas. You’ve been doing it all alone, of course you’re going to be burned out after so many years. I think you should focus on your strength in leading privacy technology, educating others, and keeping the tech/team going, and look for help with the other stuff. Make a volunteer Firo ambassador program to help with leadership responsibilities and take candidates on and interview them. Give them small things to do and work the way up as trust increases, put them on payroll in the future if possible if they’re making a difference. Until then, be really picky about what other initiatives you invest your time with outside of that, unless you’re confident they’ll be price positive.

Keep your head high Reuben, you’re a super talented dude and care a lot. You’ll get criticized by some people no matter what you do. Learn, grow, and do your best to shake it off.

Those are my 2 firoshis on it…


Keep pushing forward! Thanks for everything you have done for the project. It will all pay off in the long run!


Take a break first. Sometimes the best is step back and reevaluate. Markets do what markets do. You can only buy a fairly valued company/token and be patient for the market to realize it. In the meantime keep building.


这是退居幕后 ? 社区dao 自治? 隐私dao


Don’t leave. Reuben.


This is a great idea on this. I think my public presence stifles additional community leaders from being identified.

Over the next few months, we can organise ambassador and leadership programs to fill these roles in their own specialties and I’ll be there along with other core team members and long term community members to guide this process and then we can reassess.


Hey Man, it’s an emotional time. Just so you know, your contributions are also valued.



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I am deep confident in the project because of Reuben, I fell good watching your videos
But I understand your situation and I prefer you stay healthy and on peace of mind











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I am sad to read your message.

I don’t know what the DMs you refer to contain, but I feel through your words the hurt they caused.

Sometimes, even on the public forum, certain messages are hurtful, unfair or even calm or insulting: it is difficult not to give in to anger and/or discouragement.
In these moments, I try to temporize and to trust in the capacity of discernment of the community. You and I are honest, driven by a real desire to build on FIRO for the long term and loyal to ZCoin/FIRO for a long time.
Even honest and with the best intentions, we can sometimes make mistakes: this should not discourage us. Acknowledging your mistake is the best way to not make it again and to progress.

We both don’t always agree and the forum is a great way to confront our differences of point of view: it in no way affects the respect I have for you and your work.

The current period is crucial for FIRO: what reassures me is that you stay around and continue to offer your help to the project.


I can understand how you feel, I was scolded yesterday too, and I have been scolded many times in the past. My trick is to see more of the people and things I love, to empty myself for a while and to stay away from people who make me unhappy.

Think about what you have to accomplish, which is to make Firo a true top cryptocurrency, which is what we all vowed to achieve. Think about the people you have to protect, we have to be strong in order to protect our beloved ones, all the attacks just make us stronger.

We may be inexperienced, but we can learn and not give up. We’ll leave eventually, so it’s okay to leave once in a while. If Firo is going to be strong, we must all become unimportant, do what you can do, go for it :muscle:


I think I just caught a small glimpse of what you’ve been dealing with via DM. Guy comes into the forums, proclaims to know almost nothing about the team, the project, or it’s inner workings; and then proceeds to blame Reuben for everything he perceives to be wrong with it. Pissed me off to no end. Sorry you’ve been having to deal with that. I’m glad to hear that you’ll be remaining in the background to continue offering your expertise.


Word salad, you said nothing in favor of Ruben staying. He needs to stay as lead and face untill the project is of the ground.

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I respect Reuben enough not to tell him what to do and not scratch his name.
This is apparently not your case.

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I and the FiroFam want you to stay as face and lead on this project until at the vey least the project has legs (available on more exchanges) and growth of at min 2.1Bil market cap which should not be difficult for a great project such as your baby, Firo.

Ignore all the messages and comments that most assuredly come from greedy, selfish, and childish people. Now is the time to grab the bull by the horns and give it all you got… It maybe now or never for this project, but I can assure you from what I’ve read from some of these members and the attitude which is visible through the words they choose I for one am not confident in the members who appear to be more vocal than most. It’s a shame that some community members might be causing you grief and contributing to your mental and emotional distress.

To the community:
Do not allow this brilliant man to take a step back, for if he does the project may not recover. Vote this UP to show Ruben the community wants him to remain in driver seat. He needs motivation not acceptance of resignation from lead/face.


Sure thing Zen(More Vocal). What’s the Zen referring to btw?

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