Missing anonymized firo

i buy some firo to test the functionality of the firo wallet.
at the end i anonymized all the existing firo.
after this i miss the anonymized firo on my wallet.
I think they should be visible on overview privat balance available.
…but there is nothing. :frowning:
i have already updated the Firo Core Wallet.
I have already reindexed the Core Wallet.
see attached the pictures of Firo Core version v0.14.11.1-g1e9bad81f (64-bit).

What could be wrong?
Is there a function to undo anonymized firo? (from privat → transparent)

Thanks for your help

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My first thought would be whether or not the wallet has fully synced. You can see how far along the wallet is in the lower left hand of the wallet.

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Did you update just recently? If you did, you need to sync from scratch as you might be on the wrong chain.

Go to your firo directory:
Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\firo
Linux: ~/.firo
MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/firo/

  1. Make sure the wallet (QT or Firo Client) is shut down.
  2. Delete the following folders:
  3. Start the wallet. It will resync from zero.

Thanks AJaydono and DinkBlitz for your support
I did everything what you told me.
After the sync it looks absolutly the same as befor on the already posted pictures.
See the next picture. On Tab “Lelantus” i see the red marked “Unconfirmed: 1”.
Is this correct? What could be the problem i have? Any idea?

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Check the transaction tab. Do you have an unconfirmed transaction? Double click and see what does it say. Does it say 'not in mempool"?
If it does, you can try abandoning the transaction.

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Nothing is bad on transaction tab in my opinion.
I post here the output, because its not really something to hide.
Therefor see below the picture of the transaction tab and the export of the transaction tab.
Thanks for your help.

“Confirmed”,“Date”,“Type”,“Label”,“Address”,“Amount (FIRO)”,“ID”
“true”,“2022-07-21T23:15:31.000”,“Received with”,“from android”,“aCyAdyzzqiWz7HxvQSq8KRSP1CXTuV6qag”,“0.26069905”,“d4551e6e6a1bde58bdcca3ab78246f5bcff664fe2a56f85850897dd4fafce23a”
“true”,“2022-07-21T23:01:01.000”,“Received with”,“from android”,“aCyAdyzzqiWz7HxvQSq8KRSP1CXTuV6qag”,“4.99433812”,“40606091181747c15cec747dc14558fdb08cd1c3da3a1afbe242dfa41c46e512”
“true”,“2022-07-21T23:01:01.000”,“Spend to”,“android”,“a2biZAXG8QZK56sAF1qbHb7ja9ypBjdDDJ”,“-0.26636223”,“fc3391f901d6e57069176a5150b829a1a1fd235299930b24d1ede636a2b60251”
“true”,“2022-07-21T22:48:16.000”,“Spend to”,“android”,“a2biZAXG8QZK56sAF1qbHb7ja9ypBjdDDJ”,“-5.00000000”,“482c6f1cd2cd4ee98ed6ce0557075653bf685cc7ee586f7cbe479009568b79d2”
“true”,“2022-07-21T11:49:24.000”,“Received with”,“”,“aMcAM2ovy1NE13H98rSbPgeY1zBs45moDM”,“5.26636564”,“839a1e79658800bcee0a14c0e0a588caf05a59e6078123e9135c2c09dcfc09ee”

How odd.

Please check coin control in the send tab
(if you have not yet enabled coin control, you can do so by Settings > Option > Wallet tab > Enable coin control feature)

On your send tab
Select inputs and check if its shown there.

Try spending it to yourself on an address on QT.

Hallo AJaydono
I have coin control enabled but there is nothing. See picture below:
Thanks for your help and have a good evening.

based on the history on transactions i think the coins a lost during the Anonymize. Is it possible to see what was happened with the following transactionid at 2022-07-22T12:29:35.000 ? e40ecbf0ae1e110d8d6c6d03924d8c32949e03e843a639017900f859ce286664


Do you share same seed with mobile wallet?

Does listlelantusmints in debug console shows any sign of it?

Try doing a wallet rescan
Start the firo wallet with -rescan

Yes thats true.

the command listlelantusmints on the debug-console shows the following:

is this good or bad?
now i will start firo wallet with -rescan and will report here.

It is not recommended to share same seed with the mobile wallet. Maybe @anwar or @AJaydono can tell you more

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Hallo @anwar
Hallo @ajaydono
I miss my anonymized firo.
Do you think my problem is that i used me seed from the Android Walled also on my Macbook on the Firo Core Wallet?
Why is it a problem to send from Android to Macbook respectively from my Wallet to the same Wallet? Is it somehow possible to get back my Firo?
Thanks for your help

rescan is not helping. i did it already 4 times. :frowning:

What version of the mobile wallet is currently installed?

Campfire 1.3.3 Build 22

Hallo Toney
Hallo all
I think the fact that i lost firo’s because i send firo’s from one wallet to a other wallet with the same seed (therefor the same wallet) is very bad and a bug.
I was looking to learn more about firo with focus to do a invest to create a masternode.
Because of this bug i will not do it.
Please send me on this chat a message if this bug/problem is solved in the future, then i will test firo again. Thanks for your support and your effort to solve this issue. I wish you success.