Missing anonymized firo

Hi Jolly,
The campfire team is still investigating this issue. This is a mobile issue.

I highly suggest using the desktop wallet instead. You can only create a masternode via Desktop wallet.

Did you try using the rescan wallet function in campfire?

Wallet Settings > Full Rescan


Its an issue with mobile not connecting to the electrum server during transaction per the transaction log i posted in telegram

can you send me the link to your post? i like to read your post.
is there a way to get back my firo somehow?
when will this bug be solved?

The Dev tasked with this just got out from a minor surgery so the fix is a bit delayed. It is currently underway

At the meantime, you can try recover it on the Firo Desktop QT wallet.
Get your 12/24 word recovery from your wallet and recover it on the QT wallet.

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