Lelantus Spark Code Audit is complete!

The Lelantus Spark code audit has been completed!
No critical or high-severity issues were found. Spark is now live on devnet. We expect to launch testnet soon! Thanks again to the community donations who made this possible with a special shout-out to Arcadia and the CFC for their generous contributions!
Read about it here Lelantus Spark Code Audit Completed | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency
It would also be much appreciated if you could like and retweet our tweet announcing it! https://twitter.com/firoorg/status/1605251390552805377


LETS GO FIRO :clap: :clap: :clap:


Really huge thanks to the CFC, @rasikhmorani and the community for all the contributions :slight_smile:

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Good job!

When will Lelantus Spark officially launch

I don’t have an estimate for the launch, but it is currently on devnet and soon we should have the testnet for Lelantus Spark up and running.