Lelantus Spark Code Audit is complete!

The Lelantus Spark code audit has been completed!
No critical or high-severity issues were found. Spark is now live on devnet. We expect to launch testnet soon! Thanks again to the community donations who made this possible with a special shout-out to Arcadia and the CFC for their generous contributions!
Read about it here Lelantus Spark Code Audit Completed | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency
It would also be much appreciated if you could like and retweet our tweet announcing it! https://twitter.com/firoorg/status/1605251390552805377


LETS GO FIRO :clap: :clap: :clap:


Really huge thanks to the CFC, @rasikhmorani and the community for all the contributions :slight_smile:


Good job!

When will Lelantus Spark officially launch

I don’t have an estimate for the launch, but it is currently on devnet and soon we should have the testnet for Lelantus Spark up and running.


When will Lelantus Spark officially launch

Tentative estimate is April or May for mainnet.


How is the recent progress?

You can read about current progress with Lelantus Spark on our development update thread: Weekly Firo Development Meeting Minutes - #53 by AJaydono

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Can it go online smoothly within this date

We’re halfway through April. When is Lelantus Spark expected to go live? Can we go online in May or June

Low work efficiency can affect people’s confidence.

Delayed again and again, January said that the test online line, the past will be nearly half a year, so far has not been completed, it is very disappointing.

Hey there Firo10,000 and Wind_and_free. I understand where you’re coming from, and I know waiting can be frustrating and all, but the team will deliver like they have every time previously. The team hasn’t faltered in this regard in the past, and they won’t now. They’re looking forward to the release of Spark just as much as the community, if not more, in some regards.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to predict what may pop up when working on such things. It did seem that everything was on the fast track to being complete, but sometimes as you finish things up other small things pop up that need tweaking, and then you have to do all the testing to see if everything has been ironed out again. This process takes time.

As Devwarrior has pointed out on Telegram, blockchain development is more than just code and exhaustive testing. There is lots of math involved, and game theory. It is not a simple matter in any stretch of the imagination.

It is important that the team does not rush to push it out. Spark needs to be as right as possible the first time around. An incomplete product is not fair to the community, it is not fair to the dev team, and it could result in vulnerabilities. By no means is this about low efficiency, or laziness on the development team’s end. In fact, if this was laziness and low efficiency, we’d probably be releasing it in a state similar to that of the gaming industry right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joking aside, the fact that the dev team are willing to hold back testnet until they know everything they can possibly find is complete before release is a sign of their dedication and hard work ethic, just as they have done every time previous. In case you missed it, our latest development updates have dropped, and you can find them here: Weekly Firo Development Meeting Minutes - #65 by AJaydono


Considering that Spark is important for Firo and the pinnacle of the project, how do you see the effect of this on the price?

Well I think it’s a hotly awaited upgrade. However we are in the bear market. In the core team, we just focus on building and don’t comment on price.

We do however appreciate people sharing the news and generating some noise as we launch our testnet pretty soon.