Firo propaganda

The current popularity of FIRO is too low, our community is not active enough, we need to strengthen the publicity to attract more people to join us, so that we can build a community beyond DOge.


I would most certainly like to see more activity and a stronger community. What do you have in mind?


We need to promote and enhance the value so as to attract more people’s attention. The current value is too low, leading to no attention. We can seek for cooperation with some well-known enterprises or celebrities, so that more people can see what we do. Then we need to think about more applications, such as early anonymous voting.

We have been advertising that FIRO’s technology is at the forefront, but it doesn’t seem to be seen by more people at present. We need more publicity so that more people can discover us and adopt FIRO’s technology. Just like blockchain technology, the future development of Web3 at present includes privacy. Is there any consideration as to whether FIRo’s technology can contribute to the evolution of Privacy in Web3?

Most celebrity endorsements require a lot of money with questionable results though unless they truly believe in it. Do you have any inroads to any of them?

Question: where are we in terms of adding exchanges because we sure do need more. Most trading sites like Primexbt, Bybit etc. don’t even offer Firo as a pair. I personally sent emails to the exchanges I use to get listings for Firo… The community fund may help with this also in the future.

I would encourage the whole community to request kindly every opportunity that presents itself that Firo be added. All people I’m in contact with now also hold Firo besides Zcash and Monero simply because i explain and made comparisons. The question after I explain to them how Firo works is “how’d I miss this”.

Also our target audience is fans of Privacy coins Zcash and monero alike, we should be in every zcash monero conversation in all social media at all times with picture rebuttals easy to post comparison charts ect.
Or perhaps most Firo supporters are similar to me in that I do not use social Media at all.

When firo begins a “pump” people can’t even fomo buy because there are no exchanges that offer Firo as a pair other than Binance. I for one would add on the way up, however this is not possible currently.

Of course, it is not to spend money on celebrity endorsements, which are the most unreliable. We should let them see the good side of FIRO, take the initiative to hold FIRO and speak for it.

We need more exchanges, only more exchanges can let more people see firo, and now we have from XZC firo instead, so know XZC before, now do not know what is firo, the most famous is Thailand XZC vote that, for example, the application of such vote, We can participate more, and even help some organizations vote for free, so that they can use FIRO to conduct elections, which will be a good publicity for us, right? It is not enough to just stay in our community, and we will not let people know about FIRO at all. We must have practical applications, associations, companies and institutions that are willing to help us publicize and use FIRO. Firo can’t be just money. It’s too one-dimensional and too limiting to the development of the community.

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As for the FIRO vote award, I personally prefer that the community and the team can have more awards, because in this way, the community can have funds for publicity and activities, and the team can better serve FIRO.

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I’ve sent out 3 emails since April 1 2022 requesting exchanges add Firo trading pair. I will continue to do what I can when I have free time. I would kindly ask everyone to do the same.

Bybit PrimXBT and Bitget.


Interesting post here, not saying we should pay influencers, but it looks like most of these people are for sale and just promote what they are paid to promote.

I mean my other post basically goes into those realities (Reality of exchange listings, attracting institutional investors and influencer marketing

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I would argue that the price of Firo is exactly right. Why? Because the market decides what the value of Firo (and every other coin) should be. Also, the price might be lower than you’d like it to be because it’s not getting a lot of attention, not the other way around.

I just visited the mining section here for the first time a few minutes ago, and I was very surprised to see that there’s very little activity going on there. I’m wondering if that’s because there aren’t that many miners or that miners don’t care enough about Firo to post on the forum or if there’s some other reason. Given that it’s so easy to mine relative to something like bitcoin, I’d think people would want to chat about it.

Personally I’m not a fan of shilling coins, even if they’re your favorites. I see a lot of Youtubers doing that, but the fact is that there are over a thousand altcoins out there, and most of the time there aren’t any real-world use cases for them or, in many cases, differences between them.

What are the selling points for Firo, really? What can you do with it other than hold it and hope it goes up in value? OP, isn’t that what you’re basically doing, or do you use Firo for useful things?

Oh, I’d also like to say that I was reading the masternode “how to” section of this site, and it’s clear that no one edited it before it was published, because while it’s not written in completely broken English, there are grammatical mistakes, unclear sentences, and parts that are just unnecessary. Granted, I’ve seen writing on the home pages of some altcoins that was atrocious, but what kind of an impression do you think poor writing makes on someone who visits a coin’s website to get more information? Maybe you don’t care one whit, but to me it leaves the impression that the dev team is lazy, careless, sloppy, or worse.

Please note that I’m not attacking whoever wrote the masternode section for their comprehension of the English language. I do think that whatever gets published on the home page ought to be reviewed by someone who knows how to write properly. If you’re going to go through the massive effort to create a coin and bring it to market, doesn’t it sound reasonable to make your coin’s website as close to flawless as it could be?


Main thing you can do is you can send it anonymously as Firo is privacy coin and this is main feature.

Dev team is working on Elysium, so there will be possible to have different tokens (it could be used also for stable coins) using Firo excellent privacy.
You can test Elysium on testnet.

Neither of those things sets Firo apart from other coins on the market that can do the same things–and the token function isn’t even a reality yet, so I’m asking in the present tense how one would hype up Firo to someone who didn’t own any.

The masternode feature is a great thing, as is the privacy. But again, the altcoin market is just glutted with coins that don’t have anything truly unique. If anyone is wondering why Firo’s price isn’t climbing, I think that’s the reason.

Reuben, I’m only 1/4 joking when I say this: maybe if you came off as a crazy person when you did interviews, you’d attract more attention to Firo. Kind of like Justin Sun with Tron and people like Roger Ver in the early days of bitcoin, or like the Doge creator who made that statement that he no longer wants to be involved with the toxic culture of crypto. Wildmen and people who make outrageous and/or give inflammatory sound bites for the crypto media attract a lot of attention, which paradoxically is beneficial for whatever coin they’re backing. I bet the only reason TRX isn’t trading higher is because there’s too much supply.

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Ok. We have truly unique ticker. FIRO. No other altcoin has it.


What are your unique features you would expect from privacy coin?

I personally very much like the concept of Elysium and believe it can attract many people who simply doesn’t like idea that anyone can see all their activity and holding of their ERC-20 address.

What on Firo of those non unique features made you to join community?

I’m not familiar with what Elysium is other than what you described. I’m assuming there are no other coins with smart contract capability which are completely opaque, as I’m gathering Firo will end up as if the Elysium thing is implemented? If that’s correct, then I’d say Firo would have a winning combination.

Listen, I’m just an old contrarian crank. You should see some of the stuff I post on bitcointalk.

As to what drew me to Firo: it was a byproduct of me getting into GPU mining. As I became more familiar with all of the GPU-minable coins, Firo kept popping up on the websites that I was looking at (like whattomine, minerstat, and a bunch of others) and it was one of many that I researched.

What appealed to me was the ability to run a masternode, something I’d long wanted to do but didn’t because I couldn’t commit to some of the masternode coins that were affordable, like PIVX. For me to run a masternode, my heart really has to be into the coin. I basically have to be in love with it. Not in a sexual way, you understand; I’m not that kinky. Firo was GPU-minable, had privacy features I liked, had a relatively low price, and also only requires 1000 coins as collateral.

I also kept seeing Reuben on Youtube talking to seemingly anyone who would listen, and that told me that Firo has some passionate devs, which I find to be reassuring. You never know with some of these altcoins. Their websites might look as slick as the backside of an Intel CPU, but if the coin’s been abandoned by its creators there’s a good chance of it tumbling into the 1-satoshi graveyard on Yobit.

Thus, if you interpret everything I’ve been writing as trolling or attacks or the like, you’d be very much mistaken. I’m being critical because I’m starting to fall in love with Firo, which I just mentioned is a necessary condition for me to run a masternode. I’d like certain things about it to be better (like the core wallet for instance, which would look so much better with a dark mode, fiat values, and a few other things), so my grumpiness is simply an unusual expression of affection. I wish I could offer help, but I have almost zero to offer people who are on a dev team. You wouldn’t even want to ask me to write a single line of code, as I’m illiterate in all computer languages. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

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我很怀疑 Elysium 会轻易给 Firo 带来人气,因为 Firo 的开发一向是粗糙和体验糟糕的,并且 Firo 开发的现状也很难改变,所以仅仅靠技术很难为 Firo 带来人气。这也需要社区扛起责任来,核心团队老实说其实只需要专注于隐私协议和核心钱包的开发,但是 Firo 的社区也很弱。

能带来人气的是魅力,就跟其他所有吸引人的东西一样,这样的东西往往能给他人提供保护。Firo 的宣传需要人们自发的一起来进行,这就需要社区能够团结尽可能多的人,需要社区有一种家的感觉,需要社区的头领能够保护和带领社区成员,或者没有一个单一的头领,这样不至于因为个人喜恶而影响社区的团结。

但最重要的也是技术和产品,产品不好的话推广实际上也会造成不好的作用,因为实际上你是在把坏印象留给更多的人。历史上已经有过多次人们为 Firo 进行宣传,并且带来了许多用户,但很多人最后都因为 Firo 的各种 Bug 或产品的粗糙体验或因为头领的软弱而感到失望而离开。

但要让技术和开发提升上去,就又回到了前面所述,需要建设团队和社区,让成员自发的涌现出为 Firo 贡献的冲动。这样的冲动来自于与他一起在 Firo 相处的人,他喜欢的人、他爱的人、他想保护的人,与这样的人一起工作,他会自然而然地迸发出动力和灵感。有这个冲动,你自然就会有战斗力。就好像说,好色的人总会有女人,不好色的人,你无论读多少勾女百科全书也不会有女人。怕死的人怎么也不会有战斗力,但是有战斗力的人也不见得是真正很英勇或者技术很高明的人。他爱他的战友,他就会有战斗力,就是这么简单。奉献精神没什么深文奥义。如果你的社区相互信任的话,对你来说是自然而然的。奉献精神和战斗力,两样都是自然而然产生出来的。这两样够了,其他问题都不成问题。

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