FIRO Payment Gateway Plugin for Websites

I would like to suggest the development of a Woocommerce FIRO payment gateway for ecommerce sites to accept FIRO as payment. Just like this Monero payment gateway:

Or at least collaboration for FIRO to be included into a Crypto payment system such as this:


Sounds good maybe this is something the Firo Community Fund Committee can push for!

The more ways to directly use Firo as a payment, the merrier. Make a CFC proposal?

I went and looked at the FCS website for FIRO project proposals. This is for developers who wish to apply to start this project (I am not a dev). Developers can list their milestones for the project and projected costs. I would also like to point out that this plugin could also be sold and that should be taken into account when developing this payment gateway to offset development costs. For example, this Monero payment gateway system for Woocommerce sells for $4.00.

This website plugin should be for Woocommerce because of its high capitalization of market share and ease of use:

  • According to Wikipedia, The current market share (2021) of WooCommerce is an impressive indication, making it 29% of the top 1 Million eCommerce sites.

  • At least 3.8M+ live sites are using WooCommerce.

Source of Information

I believe this project will help with the promotion of the FIRO brand name offering a an alternative crypto payment solution which is extremely fast, secure and a more private means to make a transaction.

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I think it could be a good idea but im having the same concern than that idea :

Where did you get $750.00? The only problem with MyCryptoCheckout is the $59.00 yearly fee for unlimited transactions while the free version you only get 5 transactions.

I was thinking a specific FIRO only payment gateway plugin, just like the Monero one. While the dev could charge a fee per installation, cutting down on initial development costs.

I would definitely donate to this development or initially purchase about 10 licenses for the plugin.

$750 is the fee from the dev of MyCryptoCheckout to add Firo to the list of coins.

Yes $59 merchant fee is an issue, and it gives us a market advantage if we develop our own multi-coin plugin. We can make it free but ensure Firo is always listed as a payment option.

If we develop our own plugin, we can also build additional services that can attract new users.

The issue I have with single coin gateways. Is that merchants want to be able to accept more than one coin. It’s the reason as a merchant that I wouldn’t even bother with the Monero only plugin or a Firo only plugin or even a Bitcoin only plugin. They are far too limiting for merchants customers.

Looks like NOWPayments For WooCommerce has support for FIRO