ZNode : what is the PoSe score?

For the news deterministics ZNodes, there is a new “PoSe score” : can you explain to me what is it please ?
At the begining, all ZNodes was to “0” for this PoSe score, but, now, some Znodes are with values differents to 0, to up to 5426. Why ?
Thank you.

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Proof of Service (PoSe) is a scoring system used to determine if a Znode is providing network services in good faith. A number of metrics are involved in the calculation, so it is not possible to game the system by causing Znodes to be PoSe banned for failing to respond to ping requests by e.g. a DDoS attack just prior to payment. Each failure to provide service results in an increase in the PoSe score relative to the maximum score, which is equal to the number of registered Znodes. If the score reaches the number of registered Znodes, a PoSe ban is enacted and the Znode must be repaired to ensure it provides reliable service and registered in the list again.

If you wan to read more about the mechanisms of masternodes this is a really great article - https://docs.dash.org/en/stable/masternodes/understanding.html

If you ever find yourself PoSe ban, you can troubleshoot this issue using this guide -

Thank you Muggles for this explanation.
If I understand correctly, a perfectly functioning ZNode must have a PoSe of “0”. If a ZNode has a PoSe greater than 0, then there are probably problems with this ZNode ?

That’s correct! Or that there were problems with the Znode before and the PoSe score is on the way down again.

Understood, thank you :-).

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@Muggles, can you label this with the node category so people can easily find it?

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