ZCoin/ZNodes reward change in 2020?

Are there any projects or decisions made on a change between the znode revenues, the mining revenue and the ZCoins institutional funds revenue ? And what are these changes ?
Thank you.


We sought feedback through several community meetings and through the forum, with the final round of feedbacks during the previous community meeting… You can read about it in detail here:

Thank you anwar : I’ll read the doc :-).

Not just the community meeting :smiley: That was just the final round of feedback to see if there was anybody who was strongly against it. It was through the forums and several community meetings.

Yes, I remember and that is why I asked what were the final decisions.
Thank you reuben.
Any precise idea of the halving day in september ?

The halving will happen at block 305,000. It’s impossible to give a precise day at the moment.

Thank you Muggles.

I make my maths…
The target block time is 5 minutes.
Then, 12 blocks per hour or 288 block per day.
The current block is 268,587 (https://explorer.zcoin.io/).
You said the halving will be at block 305,000, then in 36,413 blocks.
With 288 blocks per day, it’s make 126.43 days or 4 months and 6 days.
The potential halving day for ZCoin will be september 25.


F2Pool has a nice little halving estimator here for Zcoin and estimates it to be at 23 September 2020