Zcoin + Ledger (native app)

Hi guys,
I’m a big fan of Zcoin but one of my biggest wish (beside Lelantus) is to see Zcoin as a native app on my ledger. I know we can use Electrum but its still not the same.
To me if we want adoption and visibility we need to get into the hardware wallets. If nothing else its much more secure and also shows we are a serious project. I know there are some questionable coins on Ledger too but i hope you get my point.

What i understand is that Ledger wants a big chunck of cash for adding our app. So my proposal is to start collecting for this purpose moving forward. It can be a fix amount from the funds (is this possible @reuben? ) that is mined + people can donate. I’m open for other ways to collect money for this purpose.

What do you guys think about this? am i alone wishing to have a native app on ledger?
(I know about Trezor too but again native app on Ledger i think is the most popular option as of today)

Hope to read about your view and opinion…

I believe the amount they wanted was something like $250k before starting integration. That’s a pretty huge chunk of change.

I think the best way forward is to pitch to the Zcoin Crowdfunding System (ZCS) and see if others feel strongly enough to donate to the cause.