Zcoin is Rebranding Countdown!

Rebranding in 2 days now.

One question, please :
Some of my ZCoins are now in my binance account because binance offers to remunerate the blocking of ZCoin at a rate of 5.77% per year (blocking per period of 30 days). My Zcoins will therefore be blocked during the rebranding, in 2 days…
If this rebranding was a fork (hard fork, with a new blockchain), it would deprive me of the new coins created by the fork (on the new blockchain).
Can you confirm to me that the rebranding will not act like a fork and therefore that having lent my ZCoins will not deprive me of anything during or after the rebranding ?
… or should I get back my ZCoins and transfer them to my local wallet, outside the exchange ?