Zcoin Development Update 8 April 2019


  • To bring multi exponentiation techniques developed in Lelantus (Pippenger’s and Strauss’s multi exponentiation methods) over to Sigma leading to cutting down verification time in half ! To rebenchmark. May delay Sigma slightly but deemed worthwhile
  • Basic QT GUI is functional
  • Fees for Sigma resolved awaiting review
  • Balance check to ensure no inflation when reminting implemented
  • Adopting unit tests from Zerocoin to apply to Sigma
  • Setting up Insight explorer for Sigma testnet
  • Halving adjustment pull request made to readjust halving after MTP ntime hardfork. 8 halvings, block reward subsidy ends about 2050.
  • To test halving adjustment on testnet as well
  • To ensure to do load testing


  • Multi exponentiation updates in Lelantus are completed (Pippenger’s and Strauss’s multi exponentiation methods) and yield a two time reduction in time for verification. Can look into upping anonymity set in Lelantus paper
  • Eprint submission of updated Lelantus paper done, waiting for approval
  • Bulletproof implementation is now on par with Poelstra but expected to improve even further
  • Gtests need to be moved to Boost
  • Change serialization to use Bitcoin original serialization

Znode and Core Upgrade

  • Closing in on internal release of Bitcoin Upgrade 0.14 with Znode upgrade. Expected to release on Wed/Thurs for testing.
  • Need to figure out transition to move from current Znode lists to deterministic znodes without using sporks.


  • Archiving UI done for deleting payment requests
  • Most major issues fixed
  • Need a few days to tidy up the minor issues and test again
  • Daemon related issues with GUI resolved

MTP Miners

  • Djm34 trying to optimize cpuminer further by using assembly code for the blake2b for a slight speed up.
  • Updated versions of cpuminer and ccminer available.