Zcoin Development Update 7 February 2019

Feel free to discus the updates in this thread :slight_smile:


  • Presented Lelantus to Jens Groth and had good feedback. It’s natural and reasonable.
  • Some suggestions on how to further optimize verification
  • Aram’s new idea on allowing mints to transfer to third parties without spending and without revealing amounts looks alright but advised to also look at angle whether the receiver should provide proof of knowledge of the private key.
  • Increasing anonymity set is possible but may run into theoretical limits performance wise.
  • Good to have alternatives to zkSNARKs that uses standard cryptography
  • Range proof optimizer is working and matching the numbers in the bullet proof paper.
    Coding on batching techniques has begun


  • Work on the new denominations for Sigma has been done. No longer using integers to allow smaller denominations.
  • Fixes on regression tests continue
  • To work on coin control for mints

Core Upgrade

  • Strategy to merge 0.13>0.14 first before 0.17 is paying off
  • Still bug testing


  • Identified an issue where Dandelion may interfere with Znode syncing in some circumstances
  • To look into strategy to do this with minimum disruption


  • New internal GUI release version has been released and made available to ambassadors and staff. Resolves major bugs
  • Remaining bugs on multiple spend limits and sometimes zcoind pid is not detected.
  • Shutdown screen to wait for zcoind to terminate implemented


  • djm34 worked on reducing the memory leak in the AMD miner and is fixed
  • Still experiencing some crashes that have been hard to debug
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