Zcoin Development Update 31 March 2019


  • Private testnet launch was successful
  • Sigma spend with remint was completed
  • RPC for spending old Zerocoin mints en-masse for preparation of movement to Sigma coded.
  • Working on transition code still for hard fork.
  • Accumulator size per denomination set at 16,000
  • Transaction balance checks being worked on
  • Basic QT GUI coding in progress
  • Because of MTP hard fork ntime (wasn’t based on height) and block time set to 5 minutes, halving is slightly inaccurate, to adjust during Sigma hard fork.
  • Discussion on using alternative denominations based on this paper.
  • Public testnet hopefully in another 2 weeks.


  • Code revised to take into account Aram’s change in paper
  • Benchmark multi exponentiation improvements over paper
    • Test implementation of Pippenger’s algorithm yielded worse results than earlier implementation so need to relook into it
    • Still about 20% slower compared to Andrew Poelstra’s implementation but aim to beat it
  • Received feedback from Dr Sarang Noether from Monero Research Labs who wanted clarification on the implementation of Fiat-Shamir transform security properties. Jens Groth didn’t express any alarms on this but to look into whether we can have more rigorous security analysis.
  • Aram cleaning up paper to prepare for publication on eprint.


  • All issues ported from old repo to new repo and run through with Reuben
  • Agreed on 0.1 milestone release targets
  • Mostly minor issues but some bugs in relation to calculating balances may take a little longer
  • Some design elements are less than ideal and don’t reflect real world behavior. Agreed on way to modify.
  • Italian translation done (please get in touch if you want to volunteer some time to add other translations!)

HD Mint

  • Tightened code on HD mints
  • More RPC commands added.
  • Ideal to go with Sigma update.

Znode Upgrade

  • Privatesend removed and InstantSend being ported
  • Estimated 2-3 weeks able to roll out and complete migration of Dash code for using deterministic masternodes


  • Blake2b optimizations didn’t have much effect
  • Trying a different strategy to further optimize

Satang Wallet

  • Satang wallet will undergo penetration testing on the 8th.
  • Expected to complete with QR code payment integration by end of April
  • In progress for using Zcoin as collateral for loans within Satang wallet


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