Zcoin Development Update 28 Jan 2019

This is our development update for 28 Jan 2019.

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to ask here.

Sigma Update

  • Sigma is now syncing and working version is ready
  • Unit and integration tests being written
  • GUI updates for Sigma being coded
  • Deterministic mints are being worked on
  • Sigma testnet to be launched next week

Bitcoin Core Upgrade

  • Direct upgrade from 0.13 to 0.17 proved difficult due to major changes in architecture
  • Completed upgrade to 0.14 instead and has a working version
  • To complete patching to 0.17 by end of week
  • Segwit portions to be looked at.


  • Bugs found when picking blockchain location, identified problem
  • New builds available in 1-2 days.

Themis Update

  • Shifted to low priority until core upgrade is complete since it will need to be rebased
  • To conduct testing of functionality


  • First release of sgminer for AMD is up. Promising early performance with 2.7 MH for Vega 64 and 1.7 MH for RX580. Still has quite a few bugs and hope to complete by end of week.


  • Blockbook integration is complete and rebase to new code.

Electrum MTP

  • Unconfirmed balance bug fixed
  • Rebase of Electrum client continuing

Next-gen privacy protocol Lelantus

  • Bulletproofs library implemented
  • Working on optimizing range proofs for bullet proofs with Andrew Poelstra’s improvements
  • Working code expected to be today or tomorrow
  • Next step is to batch the range proofs.


  • Ongoing discussion on governance models here.
  • To look into other project’s governance models for e.g. Decred, MakerDAO, quadratic voting etc

Keep up the progress. Onward and upward :rocket: