Zcoin Development Update 20 March 2019


  • Many build issues resolved in Sigma
  • Spend and remint function merged
  • Lots of fixes in Sigma spend fees
  • Working on fixing bug on remote node not accepting Sigma spend transactions into mempool
  • Testnet launch slightly delayed. May have a running testnet end of this week
  • Simple QT GUI needs another week
  • To open source code soon once transition code for mainnet is complete


  • Delays due to third party developer not having enough time to dedicate to the project
  • Handover done to new developer
  • Had to change code to allow multiple Zerocoin spends due to max tx weight limit
  • Windows 10 startup failing sometimes
  • Mac slow shutdown
  • Windows 7 error message when turning TOR on/off
  • Work to port to Sigma is not too much so code can be reused still.

Core Upgrade and Znode

  • Core upgrade goes in line with masternode code upgrade
  • Masternode code upgrade is taking longer than expected due to vast changes between old masternode code with new one.
  • New Znode code will include
    • Deterministic Masternodes (replacing Znode sync lists)
    • Instant Send support
    • Sporks disabled (for decentralization reasons)
    • Governance disabled (until community voting plan is in place)
  • Estimated a couple of weeks for masternode code to be implemented correctly


  • Lelantus paper undergoing reorganization for easy reading. Should be ready by end of week
  • Through process of reorganization identified some errors but easily fixed
  • Multi exponentiation optimization coding continues mainly bug fixing
  • To update code based on changes due to errors in paper.
  • Aram having a break out session at ZK0x03 to have cryptographers have a deeper look into Lelantus

Deterministic Mint

  • Allows mints to be restored from a HD key without having to do a wallet backup every time a new Zerocoin mint is made
  • Code is complete to review and refactor


  • CPU miner optimized to use AVX set of instructions. Slight increase.
  • Blake2bp may result in faster speed, in development
  • Ryzen 2700x gives about 125 kH/s with current build
  • CPU/GPU ratio still not ideal though Xeon Phi may work quite well as it has many cores. To still push forward.

PromptPay Integration

  • New Android developer brought on board to assist with acceleration of Promptpay integration.
  • New estimated time is end of April


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