Zcoin Development Update 16 January 2019

This is our development update for 16 Jan 2019.


  • AMD Miner: djm34 migrated json_bos in sgminer and finished stratum implementation. Working on MTP algorithm sections

Bitcoin Core Upgrade

  • Peter back to full swing working and continuing work and tests for Core Upgrade
  • Chance to update Znode code as well.

Themis Update

  • Poramin explained his rationale for wanting smart contract capability on Zcoin.
  • Code port is complete but in debug stage.
  • Not intending to be a smart contract platform to compete with more specialised projects but many parties in Thailand interested to build on Zcoin’s platform so it is an excellent opportunity to increase Zcoin’s blockchain usage (for e.g. STOs) and form an integral part of an ecosystem. The feature set in Exodus is not complex enough to allow this.
  • If transaction volume is high (which will be a good thing for Zcoin’s blockchain, the idea is to move them to side chains). Zcoin’s relatively slow block time makes it unsuitable for intensive smart contracts in any case.
  • To discuss in detail how to implement this without compromising security, uses new opcode fields and perhaps give nodes the ability to ignore those opcodes and optionally process them.
  • Tadhg to be more involved in this process.

Sigma Update

  • Sigma’s unit tests have been fixed and now working on fixing testnet
  • Reuben elaborated on the desired feature set for Sigma release and is beginning to be implemented.
  • Denominations agreed to begin with 0.1, 0.5, 1, 10, 100. Rationale for 0.5 is that there will be a lot of small denominations due to change from fees.


  • Tadhg has managed to build production builds and waiting for Joern to compile with UI before distribution.

Electrum Wallet

  • Electrum wallet rebase continues

Trust Wallet

  • Blockbook Trezor integration complete and available at https://blockbook.zcoin.io. PR request made.
  • Trust Wallet has begun integrating Zcoin.

Watch Dog

  • Watch dog to monitor blockchain irregularities deployed and will inform Zcoin team.

Next-gen privacy protocol Lelantus

  • Inner product argument protocol is completed and tested to be working.
  • Work on range proofs is underway.
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