XZC Price Thread

I want to discuss the XZC price here.

How can we make the price go up? What is being actively done to raise the marketcap?
For the price to go up, there has to be more buyers than sellers.

That means there has to be an active positive influx of BTC or Fiat being exchanged for XZC.
BTC ballooned because new money was coming in to buy on darknets and later on during the crypto bubble. of 2017. What is actively being done to raise the price?

Ideas I have had:

  • Ecom adoption (clearnet or darknet)
  • Gambling
  • Money transfers/remittances
  • Bring entire communities into the ecosystem.
  • Bring in new buyers to invest.
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maybe a prepaid credit card to be used with zcoin, or something so that people can use zcoin in the day to day, another example and the site piiko of regarga of cellphones

make xzc the official gamers currency, just find some online games to agree to make xzc the real inside currency on their game.
English is not my first Language so i’m going to give example to make it simple:
e.x. game like conquer online, players pay USD to buy the game currency (cps) to buy items in game, now what if instead of (cps) they use xzc ? , so online games become a currency exchangers limited only to xzc (players sell usd to buy xzc), (e.x. player want to buy Armour for 4.9898934 xzc), and for that :each player will be registered with a xzc wallet when they register in the game, now thats good for xzc, but how the game going to benefit from a deal like this???
gamers already have good PCs that can mine, so the game going to sell more of it’s items, because even the players that can’t charge USD now able to mine it, and this going to make everyone wants to save their xzc.
in the long run u can add sites like: steam, etc
and u can make ur adv campaign through Youtube Gamers

Well not going to be easy to do it and I’m not sure if we’re the best suited currency for it.

Monero got accepted on Fortnite but was taken down within a day. Steam also halted Bitcoin purchases.

If someone has a game that wants to integrate Zcoin into its ecosystem that would be interesting.

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ATM to convert Zcoin to FIAT money …Cool

the monero on fortnite was a goof from the payment processor.

Thought on the move above $10 USD.

This spring, most of crypto land followed Bitcoin and surged 30-200% depending on the coins.

Many alt coins did not participate depending on business plan, funding, etc. Zcoin did not move much unfortuantely. This was probably because of the change from zerocoin to Sigma which was under process.

This setup a VERY undervalued situation as if No development on Sigma was taking place.

Now we are playing catch up and seeing XZC move up nicely while rest of field is somewhat flat.

Just the beginning folks. We have what could the best privacy coin !