XZC Merchant Map (PR #8)

layout: wip
title: XZC Merchant Map
author: The Arcadia Group
date: January 13, 2020
amount: 126

  • name: Hosting Costs
    funds: 9% (11.4 XZC)
    status: unfinished
  • name: After 6 Months of Operation (Maintainence and Support)
    funds: 91% (114.6‬ XZC)
    status: unfinished
  • date:
  • date:

This is a lightweight proposal for the implementation of a zcoin merchant map using the same system that PIVX does for https://pivxplaces.com/

The functionality for this site includes:

  • A Map with Locations Accepting XZC
  • A Directory with Locations

This is an extremely lightweight proposal with the intention of getting something going in relation to the Zcoin Merchants concept.


This is something I’ve really wanted for a super long time and we have existing merchant lists that we want to incorporate. Getting this question a lot too, where can I use my zcoin and a site like this would be great!

126XZC seems really reasonable!

This would help with a lot with approaching new merchants to accept Zcoin because being on this map/list should be great advertising for them.

If this gets approved, I’ll be contributing.

This is great and indeed would be useful for approaching future merchants and franchises. The Prompt pay integration of Zcoin was a great jump off to add millions of merchants at once if I recall. I would pitch in if this became real.

Here’s a rough draft of the website, I’m still integrating the maps API key (have to grab one from a business acct) http://zcoinmerchants.com/

Due to the small amount asked for and the non contentious nature of this, am opening this for funding.

@HysMagus Could you update to the public?
Basically it’s almost done but now currently populating merchants.