Whether firo will help with Thai elections again ?

It’s election time again in Thailand. Will firo be used as an election tool again this year?


No one knows? The project team is not talking

When Firo participated in the election at that time, it was because of a candidate who advocated for it and pursued us. The candidate who advocated for it at that time lost their election, and no one has pursued since then. Nevertheless, we do still think there is a future for it. Poramin did an interview on the Firo Frontier about the election and gives insights post election if you’re interested: Firo Frontier Episode 14: Election using Blockchain technology. An Interview w/ Poramin Insom - YouTube

In fact, it is for that reason we are looking into a voting system through us, currently called Aura. Granted, it is truly intended to be used for the future of Firo, but we wish for it to be usable by outside sources as well to meet voting requirements. You can read the paper in progress about Aura here: Aura: private voting with reduced trust on tallying authorities
There’s also an interview with Aram Jivanyan about it that you can listen to here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ypKddljBQqKW


Oh no, that’s too bad. I guess I didn’t know the history of firo very well enough to think that if firo could ride on this election with a wave of marketing campaigns, it would make more people aware of firo again.

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If it has been used successfully in previous elections in Thailand and satisfied the government, then there is a possibility that it may be used this time as well.

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I thought you wouldn’t post the answer