Where is the price going in Q1 2024? FIRONOMICS THINK TANK #2 - Let's talk about it!

I thought it would be a good time to check the community sentiment regarding Firo’s price over the next few months given all the events up and coming in over the next few weeks and months. These include updates that both directly and indirectly effect Firo such as the Lelantus Spark, issues regarding privacy coin listings on exchanges as well as macro issues surrounding possible bitcoin ETF approval as well as the halving and any others. Many of these events are set to take place in Q1 of 2024. Overall given everything including current negative price actions it would be interesting to get everyone’s thoughts on where the price will be by the end of this quarter.

Please select the option for the price level you think is most likely to occur by the end of Q1 (End of March) and feel free to discuss in the threads below. Poll is anonymous. I think this will be a very useful reference for the community members.

  • Over $3.00
  • Over $2.50
  • Over $2.00
  • Stay at Current Price Range $1.60 - 1.90
  • Under $1.60
  • Under $1.40
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