Where is it similar https://firo.ccore.online/ Same service

https://firo.ccore.online The service was stopped yesterday, and https://explorer.firo.org The function of is really too simple. :zipper_mouth_face:

We’ve reached out to the owner of the website to see what we can do to help to keep it operational. :slight_smile:

Cryptoid.info is better & cleaner Firo Explorer (cryptoid.info)


TO DinkBlitz,Have you made any progress in your work? How did the website respond.

I did get a hold of the owner of it. He is shutting down all operations of this service, so other coins as well, not just us. It is economical. He no longer has avenues to cover costs, and he is paying around 2000 Euros/yr in datacenter costs alone. So unfortunately there does not seem to be any other resolution at this time.

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Can we use development funds to support this website and continue serving everyone?

The owner wants us to take over ALL explorers not just the Firo one. It can be put to the CFC but is there any reason you like this explorer in particular over the others that are available?