What would you like covered in the next Zcoin development update video?

This video would be mainly covering development progress and priorities however do let us know if there are any particular topics relating to development that you want covered!


Just going to post some of the questions from Telegram here so that everything is together

“Talk less about the tech and more about Sandra :see_no_evil::joy:” - Edward

“Talk about the work done and the future of adoption. Exchange listings. Privacy and why is important” - toshi

“Agree with Toshi, future plans and listings. And what to do about the focus on privacy and their coins, really. I mean what if privacycoins turn to being ILLEGAL.” - Benjamin

@reubster do you sell all the dev funds each month?” - Tyler Thiel

“Chain-locks would be really interesting, if you are going to be talking about future developments?” - Thorfried

@Reuben for the dev update, I’d like to learn more about what efforts surround increasing zcoin adoption in the day to day lives of either normal consumers or even semi technically astute privacy people. I’m in US, so my view is limited, but it’s be cool to hear vision into how it may play into not only currency, but are there other scenarios it could apply to like voting. And if it’s going to be primarily currency, how do we get it to be as easy to use as a typical credit card with all of the intended zcoin features… I.e., what obstacles need to overcome to make that a reality? In Mt mind increasing adoption in everyday use, and making it easy, is what takes this from an altcoin that people trade on exchanges to something people use in everyday life. I know it’s no small task, so I’m just curious on the dev and innovation there. Thoughts?” - timarcher52

@reubster what is the next Milestone now that sigma is out ? And overall is the team still full time on zcoin. Poramin still working essentially for satang app ? Peter on core 0.18 ?” - Simon

I would like to have an update on China and the progress we have made. Also would like to ask if theres any time table for a mobile version for the wallet ?

Thank you

What would you like to hear about China? I have information about their cryptocurrency for example.