What happened?Two firo pools produced the same block?

This happens every once in a while, they’re called orphan blocks.

As you can see, the one from 2Miners was accepted: https://explorer.firo.org/block/6f9d21e69fa02b8956fdd8ced2539c01cd2587e89400c322d86e549bf11bdafb

The one from MinerPool was orphaned: https://explorer.firo.org/block/431f68d630a4e45bd7df795516e0e8837f7e06fb758191ab0118857ac22c0e86


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You’re welcome. Thank you for keeping an eye out, while this does happen we do like to keep an eye out for them when they do happen and check up on what caused them. I forwarded the information up the chain. So thank you again for taking the time out. :slight_smile:

I would like to add to DinkBlitz’s answer that orphan blocks are not specific to the FIRO blockchain (it is not an FIRO issue): Bitcoin also knows about them, just like other blockchains.
Orphan blocks are a feature of blockchains and their management is provided for by the protocol of these blockchains.