Weekly Firo Development Meeting Minutes

To be more transparent on progress, we’ll be posting weekly updates of our development team here. These will be short summaries.

Lelantus Spark

  • Peter and Levon will be working together on building code to record Spark state.

Drop in Blocktime

  • Reuben enquired as to how long the code to do the drop to blocktime to 2.5 minutes and adjustment of rewards in accordance with the poll.
  • Peter said it would probably take 1 day of work and up to 2 weeks of testing. Need to consider figures in relation to formation of masternode quorums.


  • Peter and Sproxet is working on Elysium speed-ups and finalization.


  • Zorayr is working on reported bugs on IOS version mainly UI issues.
  • to release v.0.1.18

Compilation Issues

  • Peter is working on GUIX compilation issues for M1 Mac.

Firo Client

  • Vong, a new freelance developer is finalizing addition of in-wallet coin swaps.
  • To wait for Sproxet’s return to update to v.14.9.5 and do release.

Bug Fixes and Housekeeping

  • Levon investigating issues on PR #1162, #1163 and #1164
  • Gevorg finishing additional status to show Lelantus batch verification in progress.
  • Gevorg investigating QT GUI freeze issue when a new block comes in.

Thanks Reuben, I’m glad in wallet swap are being developed more robustly. Look forward to seeing Vong’s work.

Lelantus Spark

  • Peter and Levon are still working together on Spark state. Levon is researching on Spark state design.

Drop in Block time and new tokenomics proposal

  • Peter started to implement the 2.5 minutes block time to testnet and require testing.
  • An estimate of 1 month of testing 2.5 minutes block time to be released on mainnet (date not finalized).
  • Extensive testing to be done once its rolled out on testnet


  • Sproxet and Peter are working on Elysium speed improvements.


  • Android wallet V0.1.18 is ready to be released and waiting for Google Play Store for approval.
  • Zorayr continues to fix bugs on iOS Version mainly UI issues.

Compilation issues

  • GUIX successfully complies for M1 Mac but needs to come up with a signature scheme to sign binaries for M1 Mac.

Firo Client

  • Firo Client has completed integrated coin swap but working on build issues to make release
  • Vong working on integration of RAP addresses in Firo Client

Bug fixes

  • Levon is finalizing fixes for issue #1163 and #1164.
  • Investigation is still ongoing on issue #1162 regarding gettoutsetinfo.
  • Gevorg is investigating QT GUI freeze issues. Related to mutex locking.


  • Finalizing presentation for Trusted Smart Contracts workshop in association with Financial Cryptography 2022 in Grenada. Aaron will be presenting due to Aram unable to get necessary visa approvals
  • Finalizing Aura voting paper for publication on IACR
  • Areg completed Hierarchical One out of many Proof implementation for faster proving times
  • Investigating Avalanche subnet flexibility in supporting Spark addresses.

Lelantus Spark

  • Spark state is still being researched and worked on. To switch full gear into Spark soon after completing housekeeping.

Block Time Reduction and Tokenomics Change

  • Code is ready and will deploy to testnet this week.


  • Elysium new version ready to be launched on testnet. All existing blocking bugs have been fixed.
  • Peter still looking at potential speed-ups.

Firo Electron Rich GUI Client

  • New build is ready and undergoing testing with full coin swap features.
  • Updated build system to work with guix.
  • Vong started working on integrating RAP addresses where Sproxet left off.

Mobile Wallet

  • Zorayr is still working on Android wallet sync issues related to restore. It is being replicated, to be investigated and tested.
  • New internal iOS wallet to be released for testing with several updates and bug fixes.

System Building

  • Sproxet working with Vong on the Build system and to get a CL flow going to automatically test and produce Electron Client binaries from source.

Bug fixes

  • Levon and Gevorg fixed QT GUI stuck issue and working on issue #1162 regarding gettxoutsetinfo.


  • Avalanche subnet looks to be possible for Lelantus and Lelantus Spark.
  • To evaluate feature set and work required to port existing work over.
  • Plan is to be an independent chain but to reserve supply to airdrop existing Firo users to claim on new chain. Restrict to masternode holders?

Possible to include those who hold in a firo core/mobile wallet? Give us small holders a chance aswell

Personally I’d like some more detail on the potential pros and cons on these * to aid in forming an opinion one way or the other.
Also provisionally how is the Firo tokenomics structure going to work exactly within Avalanche, and the airdrops?

Tbh, I was hoping once Spark was released it would allow us to settle for quite a long time on a stable base protocol and to divert resources into building out Elysium and peripheral infrastructure so people have both easier access and reason to use Firo. For instance we’ve only just got a mobile wallet, which is pretty late in Firo’s development lifecycle.


Is it me, or is anyone else thinking we will see thousands of nodes just liquidate in order to stake AVAX (or some other coin) and earn passive income instead. Not sure how an airdrop can fix that… except for encouraging people not to do it before the chain switch. However I don’t know much about this whole proposal, so more detail is required for me personally…

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Without more detail, I don’t think the community is able to offer any kind of informed consent one way or the other.

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I think Legacy chain and whatever new chains will be running in parallels.

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Please see my other thread on this. Avalanche Subnet Firo Chain

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Thanks Reuben :+1:
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