We must solve the problems left over from history

The firo project is undergoing revolutionary changes. For example, we launched the lelantus technology. We changed the name of the project based on the community’s vision, but the historical problems have not been completely resolved. Many friends will have questions about why firo’s The total amount will be 21.4 million, so this problem must be solved. First of all, let me talk about my own point of view. From the beginning, the extra coins were not what we expected during the development of our project. Since we have no way to destroy them all at once, then we will deal with them all at once according to the final issuance plan. The remaining problems in the history of our project. This is not to change the total issuance at will, but to clarify the vision of the project community and clarify our attitude to deal with problems. This is a problem faced in the future development of the project. Don’t be too entangled with past problems. , And we have to look far into the future and maintain the brand of firo+lelantus

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Not to change the total issuance at will, but to solve the historical problems

Maintaining the lelantus brand at present will help the long-term development of the project

Hello there friend, I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that you’re wanting to throw your two cents in the discussion of both the total supply and the Lelantus name. If I’m correct the thread for the 21.4 to 21 million supply discussion is here: Reduce max supply from 21.4 million to 21 million? and we would definitely appreciate you expressing your opinion there!

As for keeping the name of Lelantus or not, that discussion is happening here: Our new privacy protocol and what should we call it? and once again we would greatly appreciate your thoughts and participation!


Thank you for taking your time out to express your ideas and opinions on this topic! It really is much appreciated.