We have launched a liquidity mining farm for FIRO/BNB on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with ValueDefi!

We have launched a liquidity mining farm for FIRO/BNB on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with ValueDefi! Liquidity incentives will run from block 6703000 (approximately Monday, April 19 2021, at 21:10:41 GMT+0800) to block 8303000 (approximately Monday, June 14 2021, at 10:30:38 GMT+0800).

Users can earn BEP20 FIRO by providing liquidity to ValueDefi’s vFarm pool on the FIRO/BNB pair.

This vFarm represents our first incentivized liquidity pool on BSC and will help us assess the community’s interest in participating in DeFi. It will also help jumpstart the liquidity of BEP20 Firo on BSC.


Hey, i would like to know, Is it safe to do it now in value defi?

sorry for my bad english

Please wait until they resolve the issue.

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ok well noted, will wait for them

What’s going on with this liquidity mining farm for FIRO/BNB on the BSC ?
Since a few days all my funds have disappeared !
Is it a hack, is it a bug ?
Are we going to be able to get our money back ?
It’s really unfortunate this kind of disappointment with FIRO (there was the 51% attack a few weeks ago).
The FIRO team did not verify the smartcontract (in addition to the audit) ?

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They are aware of it and monitoring the situation.

All we can do is wait for an update from them.

You can follow their announcement here https://twitter.com/value_defi/status/1391457210484412417

There is no relation to 51% attack as we already deployed chainlocks In January.

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Binance is aware of it as well and monitoring it. We can’t say more than that.

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So some updates on the situation. ValueDEFI are thinking of doing some sort of reimbursement plan with IOU tokens. While not ideal, can understand their position.

This is an analysis of what happened which is quite a subtle bug. Not sure if a regular audit would have caught this.

FYI Rari capital was also hacked by the same guy several hours later.

The BEP20 Firo tokens remain in the hacker’s account here and Binance is still monitoring it. No word on what action they would take if any as it sets precedent.


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Does the firo team continue to add 0.00075 FIRO to each block of the BSC on the rewards for this pool ?

If I’m not mistaken :
0.00075 FIRO from block 7000000 (around the date of the hack) to block 8303000, that makes 8303000 - 700000 = 1303000 blocs x 0.00075 FIRO per block = 977.25 FIRO … which could be saved by the team. or used to compensate victims … a little.

Hi this is being withdrawn and going back into the general fund. I think it’s about 700+ FIRO

Thank you Reuben for your answer.
Is there anything new in terms of reimbursement?
How about using those 700+ Firos to at least pay off (partially) this exploit/hack (there were around 16,000 FIROs in the liquidity pool, but probably not all of them have to be paid back).

Just follow ValueDefi for that seems like they’ll be issuing some IOU token.