Wallet will not sync

it has been like this for at least 48 hours

This will require a resync from scratch to get you back up and running. First, backup your wallet and then shut down/turn off/close out your wallet. Then please head on over to your folder where you installed the Firo wallet. The default locations are as follows:
Windows: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\firo
Linux: ~/.firo
MacOS: ~/Library/Application\ Support/firo/
If you changed the installation location from the default you will need to find it.

After your wallet is off, and you have located the installation folder you will need to delete the following:

After you have done this start the wallet and wait for it to completely resync. If you’re still having trouble after this please contact us! Beware of scammers DMing or claiming to be a team member! We will ONLY assist you in public channels!

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