Wallet stuck on ‘connecting to peers’ at block 374301


after a crash i’m stuck on sync, and 4 weeks late. My version: Firo Core version v0.14.5.2-56c42356f (64-bit)
I tried several times a complete reindexing, deleted the files “banlist.dat” and “peers.dat” for the same result.

any idea to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!

We hard forked not too long ago. You will need to update your wallet. You can simply download from here: Download | Firo - Financial Privacy Renewed
As you can see the version currently is 0.14.6
Let us know if it continues to have trouble after updating.

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Perfect, everything is ok

thanks you very much

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Glad to hear it! You’re welcome. Have a good one.

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