Video making adv and tasks tg bot

Hello FiroFam!
I have 2 ideas to discuss.

  1. I have seen recently YouTube shorts with the girl who is safely bying bras and pants now because of Firo))
    So…that is very nice video and that might work, but still its not so viral.
    Young people, kids, teens - they are the best with creating creatives)
    Everyone has cell with camera onboard so is able to make videos.
    So we can make a challenge to make a video shilling Firo and its advantages.
    And make 3 winners with 200 USD for 1 place, 150 for second, 100 for third.
    Not so much for adult, but its good money for some lets say schoolers from Africa who are filming insta videos for millions views)
    Selection via community poll in TG.
    It can be not only shilling film, but may be dancing tik Tok video or smth else - its discussible.

Purpose - attract young people, new shillers and attempt to create a vital trend.

TG Tasks bot with tiny rewards.
Example of tasks - repost, comment, subscription, tagging and so on.
Different platforms - reddit, insta, YouTube, twitter etc.

So for example - when some news happen with Firo, admins create new task with spreading.

Once task is done and checked with moderation - 0.0(xx) Firo paid via tip bot.
Today Firo tip bot is working for free. But we can use this coins for more useful purpose.

I have described just the general ideas, it can be modified in more effective way if someone is more creative.



That is a good idea though it would be good if core team isn’t too involved in this and this is kept as a community activity. The reason is that there needs to be some distance between the core team and outright promotion activities especially if there’s money involved.

So this would be a good candidate for the [CFC to fund or via the Firo Crowdfunding System FCS.

Would recommend rather than ‘buy Firo’ it’s more about educating why people need Firo or ways we can use Firo which is much more palatable and comes across as less shilly too!

Would any community member be willing to step up to create a FCS proposal for this and lead it?

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