Unable to complete synchronization of my wallet


I try to open my wallet and i’m stuck on sync. I have the following message: “wallet.dat read error all keys were read correctly, but transactional data or address book entries may be missing or incorrect”

progress remains stuck at 94%

My version: Firo Core version v0.14.5.2-56c42356f (64-bit)

any idea to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey there friend, 14.5.2 is outdated - QT Wallet (shows as Firo Core on desktop) is now on version 14.7.1

You can download the newest version from there. Let me know if that doesn’t fix it.

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I made the update(14.7.1) but now i’m stuck at block level 366534

Since you updated after the hard fork dated has passed, you will need to start your wallet with a reindex. Please backup your wallet.dat first.

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it works perfectly, thanks for your help