Transaction To Large - Error Message 2

I tried to increase the amount of Firo to 4 and it still wont send. At this point I can not send any funds from the wallet for some reason?

I tried this, but it still wont send any funds?

You need to decrease the amount, not increase it. Try sending 0.5 Firo first.

Is this a transparent or private balance transaction?

Is it made out of mining payouts?

As soon as I get home I will try to send 0.5. This is transparent FIRO and it’s from mining rewards. I’ll include screenshots as well when I try to send. Thank you again for the help!

Hi anwar,

I was able to send two transactions tonight using 0.5 FIRO and 1.0 FIRO, but anything more then this results in an error stating the transaction is to large. I attached a screen shot. What do you think needs to be done in order to send properly?

If these are from mining rewards, then yes a 20 FIRO transaction might be too big.

What you can do is send 1.0 FIRO to your own address in the wallet, then send it out as one 20 FIRO transaction. This should be enough to combine all the small mining rewards.

If you need more fine tuning, go to Settings → Options → Wallet and “Enable coin control features”. This should enable the Inputs button in the Send tab, and you can see the various small mining payouts and choose which to combine.

I was able to send large amounts in the past without any issues, so I am confused why I can’t send out larger amounts now? I was easily able to send 30, 70, 80, 170 FIRO before. I am not sure how I can use FIRO if I can only send 1 FIRO at a time? Am I missing something? If there is 1200 FIRO in the wallet why can’t I send what I want to send?

If I go in and combine all of the small payments? Will that solve this problem?


I just wanted to provide an update on this. I am now able to send larger amount; however, I now have to go into coin control and manually select each check box… This is extremely time consuming because the wallet software does not let me shift+click to select them. I have to press the down arrow to highlight the payment, then I have to press space bar to place a check in the box, then press the down arrow again.

I guess I should go into the mining pool settings and change the minimum payouts so that they are NOT small. Something like 5 FIRO payouts or larger would solve this issue right?

You can use Coin Control to estimate the amount that the wallet will accept as transaction without selecting them manually.

For example:
If you have a lot of 0.1 FIRO inputs, sending out 2 FIRO (0.1 FIRO x 20) should be okay.
Same if you have a lot of 0.5 FIRO inputs, sending 10 FIRO should be okay.

You cannot change the minimum payout for some pools. Personally for the pool I am using (Mintpond), I set the minimum payout to 0.1 FIRO and a daily payout. This works in my case, you might need to find out what works for you best.

0.1 FIRO payouts are okay as long as you are aware of the limitations and what you need to do if you encounter them. Specifically, we encourage miners who receive 0.1 FIRO payouts to regularly combine them into bigger ones so it won’t be a problem when the time comes to send them out.

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