ThorChain Integration

Hello all

I wanted to ask what is the current status regarding Thorchain integration?

Apparently one of the first pools will be Monero on the Thorchain (next to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance BNB).

I can well imagine that this will be very positive for Monero. Now it is relatively easy to anomize all blockchains that are connected to Thor via Monero. Therefore, I think it is very important that Firo is also connected to the Thor network as soon as possible. Firo has the higher anonymity than Monero and that will get around quickly. Thor is currently very well represented in the media and the concept behind it is also very exciting. Here’s a good article on it (read it even if it’s long):

What is your opinion on the subject?

Apart from that I don’t know what this means in terms of programming effort, as I understand it you would have to build a bridge. But since Firo is related to Bitcoin, you could adapt the Bitcoin bridge.


Hi! I’ve been in talks with Kai and one of our developers has been looking through the documentation. They’ve been busy with their launch but will be starting onboarding calls once they free up.


Hello Reuben

Thanks for the quick reply.

This sounds promising. Does the Firo team have to do a lot of development? I wonder from a technical point of view.



It’s quite a bit but we’re prioritizing Instant Send first.

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Thank you very much. Insta send will definitely be a great feature. I’m already looking forward to it :slight_smile: Especially in combination with the anonymous mobile wallet.


so elysium will be after thorchain integration?

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are we still actively working on Thorchain integration?

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Not yet :slight_smile: Waiting for stuff to stabilize first.