The Firo Frontier!

Hello Firo Family! I’ve been collaborating with Reuben and rehrar for a while to start a weekly video series called the Firo Frontier, where we will be giving out updates and news for Firo.
The topics will range from our technology to upcoming community events. This is meant to be a fun way to communicate new info to those in the Firo community and those wanting to join. So we hope you enjoy!

The first episode is out on Firo’s YouTube channel:

Let me know if you have any fun ideas to include or topics to cover. I’ll be seeing you all very soon!


Firo Frontier Episode 8: Using Lelantus and Anonymization Event premiering now!


Firo Frontier Episode 9 is out where we dive into what makes Lelantus private and compare it to transactions on Bitcoin and Ethereum. As always, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel as it helps improve visibility of our videos!


Firo Frontier Episode 10 :tv: RAP Addresses :mag_right::mailbox:

What is it? How does it work? Splineapple will explain everything you need to know

:movie_camera: :

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This week on the Firo Frontier​:tv:, Elysium! :raised_hands:t2:

:thinking: What is #Elysium?

:bulb:Elysium is Firo’s tokenization layer that allows anyone to create their own tokens and inherit all the privacy features of Firo


This week on the Firo Frontier! :tv:

:pineapple:Splineapple highlights the growing number of merchants now accepting FIRO, including crypto loan providers :moneybag:

This week on the Firo Frontier! :tv:

:pineapple:Splineapple demonstrates sending $FIRO using RAP addresses :mailbox:

:movie_camera:: Firo Frontier Episode 13: RAP Address Demo - YouTube

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This week on the Firo Frontier :tv:

We have an interesting interview segment for you today!

Splineapple interviewed one of #Firo’s Founder, Poramin Insom, on blockchain technology in elections