The community fund

The community fund

Good evening community!

With the launch of the much awaited community fund, I thought I would kick off a brain storm on what people believe the funds should go towards?! I was thinking potentially targeted low cost ads? YouTube collabs? What do you guys think?

I know we are also in the middle of electing guardians of the community fund, may I suggest we could potentially do a one month post on the status of the community fund and where the funds have been used and the effectiveness of each initiative?

Building a strong community in this space is key to the success of our project, engagement of the community within the community is what will help drive the message and vision of the benefits a privacy focused coin can achieve. For everyone’s information I have no role in either the development team or community fund.

Have a great weekend!


Pass to dev fund is the best idea with this market conditions.


While this would help us greatly, the optics aren’t very good. But we are operating at a huge deficit at the moment.

Some things that perhaps the Community Fund can help with are some of the liquidity programs with Hummingbot or UI/UX design or a new Spark supported mobile wallet. This way core team can focus on the core development stuff while Community Fund help with some of the responsibilities rather than wholesale passing the funds to the core team.

This can help alleviate the core team’s burden without relinquishing control of the funds to us which is something I would like to avoid unless absolutely necessary.


With upcoming Lelantus Spark and Elysium it will be nice to:

  1. make good quality promotion videos/pdfs for both Lelantus Spark and Elysium, so it is easy to share and it explains tech’s benefits.
  2. for Elysium to be really successful there will be need for easy way to exchange Elysium tokens to and from Firo.

It may be good to use community fund for these.

Exchange/swap mechanism may be too complex as it requires qualified developers, but videos and good pdfs or images will be much easier as it doesn’t require development skills.


My suggestion is:

  • Great user friendly UI design on our new IPhone and Android app. Finally we have a good app on it’s way. I would really like to see it just work flawlessly and be easy for newcomer to use. If this is going to be a real currency, we need to be able to easily spend FIRO anonymously with our phones. It is the most basic use case.
  • Promotion, we are not a big community. We need to get the word out. More users, means more master nodes, means higher prices, means more funds for the devs and the community.

Yes I agree definitely, maybe fund a user iPhone friendly during the bear market and then maybe focus on the promoting of the coin once that has been complete for the start of a bull market and throughout it too really get the word out.

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I recommend full Ledger integration. This alone can help many potential and current users access their FIRO without the need for another app. To me one of the best things about this project is the ability for privacy but if you just want to spread the word then this alone can get everyone involved and see the potential.

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Yes ultimately by getting the word out which hopefully reaches more potentials users in the privacy sphere will lead to a win-win for the Firo project.

Hopefully this will increase the network users of the coin which in turn will raise Firo’s market cap which will also then grow the community fund to fund user apps which enhance their user experience.

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Hello FIRO Community,
I think a small part of the community fund would be very well used to fund a FIRO faucet.
As a reminder, a faucet is a web page that allows anyone to earn a few fractions of FIRO (with some security to avoid robots, and those who would abuse). The goal is not to make a fortune, the goal is to attract new members to the FIRO ecosystem by distributing to them very small fractions of FIRO for free (for example, with a reward of 0.01 FIRO per person, this allows to please 100 people a day with only 1FIRO a day).
These faucets have had some success in the past and I think it’s a cost effective way to attract new users.
The number of FIROs to be devoted to this faucet each day via the community fund remains to be discussed, as is the earnings of each “player”.


Just thinking out loud, perhaps a faucet could be implemented in something like the Firo Runner game?