Testers for New Zcoin GUI

We have a new Zcoin GUI almost ready for testing!

We need testers to give feedback!


I can help, how to get access to new wallets?

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Happy to give a hand with testing, where can we get the binaries to have a poke around ?

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I’ll put a link on Github soon thank you!

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After installation, the app shows as ‘Zcoin Client’ in the Windows start menu (at first i searched for the word ‘wallet’ thinking like a novice user :thinking:)

Like the Latin on the splash screen :grinning:

Also, the title bar shows the text ‘zcoin’, could that be changed to ‘Zcoin’ please?

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Might be a good idea to mention that Tor can be enabled from settings on that pop-up, a new user could get confused as to why it’s disabled (which i now realize is a feature to have it off by default ).

On the “Anonymize” tab - clicking on “payment request” while the blockchain is still syncing - froze the wallet GUI and first time a refresh fixed it and second time it completely crashed the app.

Test machine configuration: Windows 10, 64-Bit, 16gig of RAM.

After 1 hour of syncing seems to be half way synced (if the green progress bar at the bottom left is accurate?) , have 8 stable connections, Znodes tab is blank, awaiting full sync to complete to confirm if all looks ok afterwards.
Not sure if enabling Tor in the beginning slowed down the sync? also is there a way to view the sync download speed or have some indication of the time remaining to complete sync ?

image image

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Yeah enabling TOR would probably slow down the sync :smiley: That’s the main reason why we have it disabled by default.

Btw we made a rookie mistake of having 0.5 denomination instead of 0.05 which we will fix soon!

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I tested it on my macbook pro, and it just got stuck after I selected default folder location. Had it running for several hours.

But other than that, great job on the interface! Looks great, very nice user friendly messages. Good onboarding.

Hey, thank you very much for your feedback. Could I request that you open your issue here, with steps to reproduce it? https://github.com/zcoinofficial/zcoin-client/issues

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Next version, fixes issue with 0.05 denomination not working.

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0.0.2 release: https://github.com/zcoinofficial/zcoin-client/releases/tag/v0.0.2


Will be good to add settings to choose path to folder with data.
It will not need to download everything from scratch so it could use data from the old client.

@nrsimha good suggestion, I will raise this

v0.0.3 has been released! https://github.com/zcoinofficial/zcoin-client/releases/tag/v0.0.3


Thank you, is there any information about the next release?


Yeah hope to release soon, any feedback on this one tho?

Thank you, we will wait) And another question, do you have facebook or tweeter?

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Thanks :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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