Suggestions to improve FiroPunks

Loving FiroPunks and hope to see further development of it! Fahim did a great job.

Have some suggestions for improvements!

  • Need a better use case for weak punks or upgrade path.
  • Breeding ability in future? Makes ‘female’ punks valuable
  • There’s a disincentive to level up since no additional rewards. Need some sense of progression when levelling up
  • Rarity guide and events around ‘rare items’ like being a zombie or mummy. So this means that stats sometimes are not important but some ‘items’ are.
  • History of battles should be easier
  • Ability to buy multiple potions (or just have bigger potions that can do more)

Most definitely a great mini-game & I’d love to see those things Reub mentioned added.
Here’s some things I’d also suggest:

  • Being able to choose a side when creating a game (that way defenders don’t have to wait for attackers to create a game and other way around)
  • Instead of typing the Token ID show collectibles in the same modal and let the player choose that way

One thing I think could be a good idea would be to also add a potion that you could get to randomize the stats of an NFT again to try and get better stats. Not sure how feasible that is.


Maybe can add “espionage” feature to see other players attack, defense, speed, and health as long as your espionage is higher than theirs but you cant see their espionage levels beforehand. Use firo BEP 20 token to purchase espionage points.

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Given BSC poor record of its blockchain maintenance, what are the chances that it gets hacked?

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Well I think NFT games are relatively low risk and BSC network and infrastructure issues don’t really affect the security of the ‘contract’ itself.

We should be more worried about Pancakeswap if that’s the case :wink:


Sounds like a awesome thing. And agree as other said with having some mechanic to earn in order to “level” up or earn…
Maybe there is already. Any how you guys doing great stuff.
The new wallet looks amazing too (the beta with swap thingy)

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I think Firopunks can create a story line to make the firopunks more interesting such as this one:

Once upon a time, there was a country named Firo because it is rich in a resource named Firo. Firo is a limited resource that can burn to give energy/potion to its inhabitants named Firopunks. Firo can also be used as medium of exchange because of its usefulness, durability and fungibility. There is only 21.4 million Firo in existence.

Firopunks here are battling each other everyday for limited Firo. They are using Firo as medium of exchange because of its additional feature of privacy. Every coin they used is a new coin without any transaction history of its previous competitors.

Each Firopunks try to earn more Firo to upgrade their abilities, status, and wearables…


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Maybe Firopunks can can consider putting out Firo zombies for sale. And it depends on price of Firo coin. When Firo coin price is up, new Firopunk will be minted. If Firo price is down, Firo zombie will be minted instead.

Besides, Firopunks can also consider interoperability of various NFT games, such as axie infinity or other NFT projects such as crypto skull NFTs, moonapelabs etc so that other players can also join Firopunks NFT game and Firopunks can join other NFT games.

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What about some rare Firo phoenix NFTs that will only be unlocked when it reaches US$100 in price?

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