Stuck on sync, and transaction not gone through, do I need a new version?


I haven’t sent on Firo for awhile, I did so a day or two ago and it hasn’t arrived yet.
It still shows ‘pending’ under my balance, but am not able to get fully synced now.
My version is: v2.0.1-835###

do i need a new version, and if so, would it be a problem to do that when a transaction is in process?


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The current version is v2.1.0. Please backup your wallet.dat and update to the latest version.

Is it a private or public transaction?


I think it was set on private. so click on ‘backup wallet’ then afterwards download latest version and sign in?
it shouldn’t affect my pending transaction?

do I uninstall the current one first before installing the new one, or it doesn’t matter?

also, which one is the link? is it under ‘assets’ at the bottom and if windows the ‘win64 setup’ or ‘win64 zip’?


also, can I just download the latest version from as the link you provided, has many different files in the windows file, and I’m not sure which one is for Electron

Any help much appreciated.

so do i just leave the transaction for a few days to see if it goes through, or is there a way to resend it, cancel it?
i just want to be sure before doing anything to avoid losing money.

(Please backup wallet first) You can return the stuck transaction back to your balance (on your current wallet) by going to the Debug Console and entering:

setargsfornextrun -rescan

The rescan process will start and take some time. After it is done, the balance from the stuck transaction should return to your wallet.

Yes, you can download the wallet from However it will get stuck again as we are working on getting the new release out for the hard fork tomorrow.

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ok, I entered that command, it doesn’t seem to have triggered/activated anything yet, but will wait and see.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you will need to restart the wallet as well.

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it that the same as ‘reload’ under the ‘view’ tab? If so, I entered the command then did that, nothing happened yet, i entered the command again, and hit ‘enter’

Is that how to enter the command? just copy and paste: setargsfornextrun -rescan
and hit ‘enter’?


You need to enter the commands here. Please do so and restart the wallet. The balance should return.

Once you have done so, you can update to the latest Firo Client.


I’ve tried a few times, and hasn’t returned the balance.

when I enter that command, i just hit, ‘enter’, is that how to do it?

to restart the wallet, I just go to View, and select, ‘Renew’? ( i can’t find a restart option anywhere)


ok, the funds show back now, i think it just needed to fully sync again, a few times.

but it still shows pending.
should i try again to send with the new install, or wait for the next update as you’ve mentioned.

i don’t know, the funds are showing not there again…frustrating. perhaps when i have the new upload it will all be corrected.
is the new upload link from the website ready yet?

To restart the wallet, just close the window and start it again. Do not use the menu bar.

Copy the transaction ID of the problematic transaction. In the Debug Console, enter the following:

abandontransaction transactionID

Close the client. Install the new version now. It will automatically start after the installation.

Check the block number at the bottom left of the client. If the block number is near or at 401580 and does not move after some time, please do steps to reindex the client. This will take several hours.

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thanks for your help and patience with me. everything is fully synced now and corrected.

last question is how will I know when to do the next update?

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