Status Update of Lelantus Spark

Hey there Firofam!

Since people have been asking about Lelantus Spark, I would like to give a quick update. However, first, for those who are new to the community, I would first like to provide some reference material. Lelantus Spark is our next iteration for our privacy protocol, which will make some big leaps and bounds over good ol’ Lelantus. You can read about it here.

Furthermore, you can read the academic paper for Lelantus Spark here, the cryptography audit by Linfeng(Daniel) Zhou, cryptography audit by Hashcloak, and finally the code audit by Hashcloak.

It’s been a long, hard road. Nothing about this has been quick, but the team has been hard at work that entire time. As they always have been. I know when we’re excited for things, waiting can be the worst part. Unfortunately, this work is not easy by any stretch of the imagination - there is a lot of math required, game theory, extensive testing, and then the process begins again when something new pops up. It is important that Lelantus Spark is as perfected as possible before it hits the testnet, let alone when it goes mainnet. We’re getting very close to releasing testnet!

You can keep up with updates from the dev team at the Weekly Firo Development Meeting Minutes thread. As you can see in the latest update, they’re working on wallets, reviewing the code for the lightwallet, and minor issues/failing tests. We’re so very close! Hang tight!


We are looking forward to this great technology coming online and hopefully it will make a big difference

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Most definitely, Wind_and_Free! It is an exciting time! Of course, an element of this will be that we need the community’s help with getting the word out about Firo and Lelantus Spark when the time comes!

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Yes, we need community publicity. We need to publicize this great achievement in various channels and get more people to join us.

Will we be able to run a Masternode with a Lelantus Spark address?

It will with Firo’s Helsing: Helsing: Private masternode staking in Lelantus Spark

Is Lelantus Spark finally coming to the testnet?

Yes, it is really near to testnet release. Devs are fixing UI crashes. We want to make it useable instead of releasing an unusable testnet release.

UI crash fix is undergoing testing. Is just UI issue.

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