Start mining Firo

I want to start mining Firo but I need to make one thing clear before I do that. Is it correct I need to buy around 1500$ worth of Firo to even start mining it? If so why is that? Or have you somewhere around this to start mining? I have everything to start mining Firo but It depends of the mentioned start capital of course, please can anyone get this matter clear for me :pray: thank you:)

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You do not need to buy any Firo to start mining Firo. You just need a GPU (Graphics card) that have a minimum of 6-8GB
Here’s a guide on how to start mining: How to Mine Firo (FIRO) with FiroPoW | Firo - Privacy-preserving cryptocurrency

If you want to set up a Masternode, Only then you are require 1000 Firo to start.

Yeah I want to setup a master node…crap…I don’t want to invest 1000 Firo, I can’t …

If you want a masternode, you must first purchase 1,000 Firos.
Please note, this is not called mining.
There are hosts who offer to pool several customers who have less than 1,000 Firos individually but 1,000 Firos together. Be careful, these hosts generally keep a large part of the block reward, but, above all, ask that you transfer the Firo to their account.
When you own your own 1,000 Firos of the masternode, the rule is that you remain the owner of your 1,000 Firos: you block them in your wallet, not in that of the host.
Have fun with Firo and Firo masternode :wink:

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