Should FIRO introduce whales?

Firo continues to break new lows, feeling is the time to accept Orca, Orca can be purchased at this time at a low price, but after some actions need to cooperate with the team, but at this stage it is difficult to have orca willing to come.

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How do we introduce whales?

We have nothing to sell to whales.

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Everything is dumping hard right now.
Technically we do have something to sell which is privacy.
However it’s up to the community to grow itself and promote itself.
Why would a whale be interested in Firo if there is no community organic support/growth?

Not a great value proposition for them, unless they see potential for growth.
Our fundamentals are good, and maybe with recent changes community engagement and technical development can entice more people.


我们应该吸引鲸鱼,吸引鲸鱼最好的方式就是开始装逼(让别人心甘情愿的来当你的舔狗,这里面包含一些 SM 学方面的心理理论)。

首先就是要把我们的核心技术开发好:隐私协议和核心钱包,这两个东西在过去 Firo 的历史上,都出过不少 Bug 和问题。核心团队要把逼格整起来,不要再耗费精力在各种闲聊里,要学学中本聪「我没有时间跟你解释」,而不是被 Low 逼牵着走,然后情绪被带往消极方向。专心把 Firo 的技术做稳做好,战线不要拉得太长,手机钱包之类的都可以交给社区来完成的。不要再找外包了,最新的 QT 钱包被外包改得丑死了,廉价感满满。

核心产品开发好后,多与高层次的人士接触,多参加高层次的会议、活动,向人们介绍你骄傲的作品。只要你的产品真的是足够硬的,Firo 的口碑就会自然而然的广播开去。只需要有几个高逼格的人真正认可你,你的逼格就上去了,鲸鱼就会趋之若鹜的心甘情愿的来当你的舔狗。


If the topic here is all about how to attract investors with very deep pockets, it seems to me that there are two fundamental questions that need to be asked.

  1. What sets Firo apart from the thousands of altcoins traded across all those exchanges across the globe? In other words, does it have a hook? The privacy aspect IMO is a great thing, but there are other coins out there (well, namely Monero) that have a track record of better performance. The masternode feature is excellent as well, and it isn’t too expensive to run one, but it doesn’t seem like masternodes are very popular at the moment. The core wallet is absolutely ugly, albeit functional. I don’t know how much that matters, but perhaps for some whales it does.

  2. Are those whales even aware of Firo’s existence? I don’t have a great sense yet of how tight or how large this community is, but it does seem to me that those features I mentioned above should be screamed from the rooftops of every internet building that can be found. That said, I don’t exactly know how altcoins are promoted–I do know Reuben looks like he’s been trying his best on Youtube to promote Firo, but as I’ve said before it leaves me with the impression that Firo is a one-man show. I probably criticized him more harshly than I had a right to. If he’s the main guy getting the word out about the coin, though, that’s a big problem. I don’t know that’s the case, but my point is that if people aren’t even aware of the coin-formerly-known-as-ZCoin, currently #628 on Coinmarketcap, then there’s obviously not going to be much adoption, much buying, and prospects for a healthy rise in price will be dismal.

Oh, another advantage is Firo’s total number of coins. That seems to be a thing that many people seemingly overlook, but if you compare 13M coins in circulation vs. coins like RTM, DOGE, TRX, etc. with billions having been produced and a never-ending supply still to come…there’s just no comparison.


From what we observed so far, orca is not always a good thing for a project. A strong and growing community is.


Honestly there’s no concrete suggestion here. What do we sell to whales? If we centralize supply and issue new supply, it will dilute everyone else and then be beholden to that investors whim and fancy.

You should ask what did the previous investors do.