Sent Private balance Accidentally then Abandoned

Hey I accidentally sent some my private balance after successful sent some of my transparent balance. The transaction said it was offline for awhile. I thought if I abandoned the transaction everything would be fine since nothing was happening and I’d get my coins back. But now the transaction amount is 0 the label is n/a and my coins are not back in my wallet. Is there something I can do so I get them back,? Do I just need to wait? I knew lelantus was turned off but I didn’t realize I couldn’t send my private coins.

Did you restart the wallet after abandoning the transaction?

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I believe I did, if closing the Firo core wallet and opening it is restarting it. I also restarted my computer. Unless there’s another way to restart the wallet. I also backed up my wallet yesterday before I sent my transparent balance today if that helps me at all.

Please start your wallet with the -rescan option. Use the guide here but replace -reindex-chainstate with -rescan.


O thank Goodness thank you so much!! So much appreciated Firo #1!!!


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