Send The New "Zcoin" Logo To (Near) Space (PR #35)

With the rebranding of Zcoin confirmed for sometime in October 2020, I propose we send the new logo to near-space using a High Altitude Balloon (HAB) to for marketing exposure and funsies! I’d like to time it as close to the rebranding as possible. Ideally we could time it perfectly with the grand reveal.

We did something similar back in 2018 with the current logo.

There will be a web page setup so that everyone can follow the HAB in real time on a map (including pictures). I’ll setup a bot that will forward this to the Zcoin Telegram group. I’m aiming for height of 30km+ where we should be able to get a picture similar to this

We do this as a hobby and the funding would cover costs. Helium is expensive! We’d be risking our own GoPros and radios. If there is any funding left over from launch day, I’ll donate the balance to the Zcoin Dev fund.

You can read up about our previous launches here:

There is the risk that we will not be allowed to launch on the day due to air traffic, and we would have to postpone the launch day. But I hoping with the reduced air traffic due to Covid-19, this risk will be minimal.

Although I don’t want to promise it as a feature, I’ll will investigate the possibly of sending up fully active Zcoin node as part of the payload. Sub-zero temperatures, battery life, weight, and getting a radio connection fast enough for Zcoin’s blocks are all obstacles that we’d need to overcome.

Let’s send our favourite cryptocurrency to (near) space! You have to any questions, just shout and I’ll be happy to answer them.


For easier reading, this is requesting 145 XZC. I would contribute to this!


I wish I could be there in person to see this. With that said I would contribute to this.