Seeking for everyone’s view on Affiliate Marketing

My apologies for not being able to be as active as before due to my current workload. But I still do checks on Firo’s updates when I have time. After having reading on interviews from our various CFC candidates, suddenly there’s an idea shine through my head.

@devwarrior pointed one very remarkable point which the most important part of keeping this project alive which is liquidity liquidity liquidity and performance of FiroDex wasn’t as good as expected.

@Eagle From his interview I can agreed with you on certain aspects but not to some. however that is not what our discussion will be.

My thought is why not FiroDex run our very own Affiliate Marketing and develop our very own marketing team? From my experience, there’s a lot of content creators and marketers willing publish contents or sharing promoting FiroDex on Social Media in return a very small amount of rewards. Instead of rewarding them with tokens i think maybe an unique limited NFT from Firo that recognises and as a token of appreciation towards their contribution. Of course for the top performers of every month or every marketing event only 3 will receive the reward. I wasn’t sure if this might works or not but I do see chances and possibilities if we are able to plan something and make use of the power of affiliate marketing it could definitely benefits in gaining Firo’s exposure. Even Binance also focus very much on Affiliate marketing despite of its market share. I do think the concept to affiliate marketing will be a fair play and reward only to those who really contributes towards Firo. From there we can slowly build on a marketing team that speaks for Firo. I trying to share some of my views and I hope to hear more from everyone.


Hey there, Fabian, good to see you again!
Just to make sure I understand, what you’re suggesting is to use affiliate marketing through content creators and such to publish content promoting the FiroDEX in order to get liquidity up. In exchange, the goal is to use unique limited NFTs instead of pure Firo coin. Only three of the top marketers will receive this reward.

Did I get everything right? If so, affiliate marketing is definitely a powerful tool - so long as the content creator promoting it is trustworthy. I feel as though we would have to be careful about who we involve? Although maybe I am being too cautious in that regard. Or were you suggesting this to encourage our own community to do it?

If not, of the “influencers” and such I have spoken to, their rates are quite outrageous. I am not wholly convinced they would settle for anything other than a stablecoin. Do you have something specifically in mind to convince them to accept a unique limited NFT (or akin)? There’s also the concern about “legitimacy” that would likely arise, as people would most likely assume we’re paying for “good reviews”. Do you think there are any methods to avoid this potential accusation?

Definitely we have to be cautious but we can keep it to a very small group at one time. It doesn’t necessary for us to engage well-known influencers. From my understanding, there’s a lot of content-creators are still struggling to be noticed by the people. Much like a new coming youtuber, for example.They will need to hit certain requirements before they eventually get paid. But way before they hit that requirement for getting paid, they will need have certain agendas/topic or struggles that they need to for them to discuss or brought up in their content. This is where we all started, every crypto content creators will need to have at one solid project or at least something(could be a cause, could be a challenges that most people faced) to maintain their community and supporters. Instead of reward, we actually award them with something that recognised by this community for their contribution. Whereas we may need to have one award structure that members of CFC will nominate those potential awards recipients and people of this community to vote for the award nominees This honour award system can actually be used not only for marketing, but everyone and anyone that has make or contributing to Firo project.

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The idea of affiliate marketing actually benefits both parties. As it provides a good channel for cross-over of 2 communities. We actually have to think the other way round, why do need to engage marketers or influencers and having to hear the amount they charged? Instead we just need to announce to the public at large that we actually do not need which specific influencer be in charge of marketing but anyone who have meet the requirements can be part of Firo’s marketing campaign and further enhanced Firo’s direction as a project that lead by its own community. Do not underestimate our own value, we should really thinking of walking out to let more people know about Firo and along the way we will definitely met someone who shares the same values and believes.

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Good idea…

There’s actually something I can’t disclosed as currently Im still attached with Huobi. All I can say is it doesn’t seems too hard to get potential candidates for supporting our cause. I actually submitted one official chat of mine in the name of Firo today, I wish to gather some potential kol from that platform.Imagine ealier today, they initiated an Army from their KOL group to put up pre written scripts to defend on the revent HT incidents. they are getting paid for 1usdt per person for the tweets that they posted. I think it is such a waste to see those kol are being used to publish statement that tbey don’t even feels true at all. I wish their effort could be put into something more significant and perhaps truth. I wasn’t be doing live stream ever since my last session of AMA with Reuben on Hb and i can see users are getting disappointed and leave. If I were to pick on another trading platform I have faith in OKX. They are actually quite hot lately.


firo hasn’t launched okx yet, so it would be better marketing if you could trade on okx after all these years.

Personally, I always feel kinda yucky if we need to pay people to be our ‘army’ but at the same time I understand how a small incentive goes a long way in spreading the word so I’m not opposed to the idea provided we do it ethically and they spread correct information.

We aren’t a scam project and just need more visibility.

FYI, we are already on OKX radar.


Bro don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t saying we are hiring some sorts of “army” but I was more towards suggesting we may make use of a reward system to encourage more people to get involved in sharing and spreading Firo.

Yes of course, @vsnation actually has a proposal for us to do it on his upcoming platform and we need people to help coordinate with the daily tasks that will get some rewards

firo has been launched for many years, but there are not many exchanges you can buy. You can start from the exchange side and launch more exchanges, which is naturally a good marketing.