Running a Masternode on the same Raspberry Pi as a BTC node

I have recently bought a couple of Raspberry Pis. One is set up running a BTC node and soon a LN node.

I do not yet have a fixed IP address as I do not need one. However, is it possible to run a Firo MN on a Raspberry Pi that is already running BTC, LN node and electrs for electrum?

If so is there a guide that includes (for CLI implementations) how to ensure the Firo blockchain database syncs on the external HD?

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Sure it’s possible, especially with the new RPI 4’s. You’d need one with 4 or 8gb of ram if you want to run both a BTC and Firo node on them. 8gb is preferred.
If you’re going to run a Firo masternode though, you must have a static IP. It won’t work without it.

Cool. I got a new one with 8GB of RAM. So that should be OK. Do you know if there is a guide available to make sure the database saves to the attached HD? Maybe there are other differences as well. I have only ever set them up on a VPS before.

As long as you’re booting from the HDD/SSD drive you should be fine. I’m using an NVME on mine, and there’s a boot option change so it’ll boot from the USB drive.

If you’re NOT booting from the usb drive, then you either need to pass extra parameters to firod to tell it where to create the .firod directory, or make user your home directory (for the user that runs firod) is on that usb drive.

Your best bet is to get a hat and enclosure that connects your drive, so it’s all one unit, and then just boot from the external drive.

Thanks. Yes, it is my intention to boot from the HD as well but the self-education options on the net are insufficiently clear on how to make sure this happens, with the confidence I will not be mucking up anything already installed and running.

To change the default data directory that Firo uses, start firod with -datadir=/home/user/YourCustomDataDir

./firod -datadir=/home/marx/.notfiro
./firod -datadir=/mnt/drive2/.notfiro

The one major problem I see is that there is no native firod for Arm64. Have you managed to get it running?