Rumor about a New Firo Pool

A rumor has been circulating for a few days on telegram and discord about a new Firo pool ready to compete with 2Miners
Does anyone have any info on this?

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I think it’s Cruxpool, I just saw a post on their Discord
And I’m looking for more info on it


yes I just saw that on telegram too, it’s really Cruxpool
it’s great, Cruxpool is a very good pool I already mine RVN at them ! it’s a very good news ! :star_struck: :partying_face:

Well despite serious calls again too move hashrate from 2miners, the mining community STILL have not responded to this request.

Why should the Firo community take them seriously when they cannot answer this one basic call?

It is a growing realisation of why the masternode security system is growing more important…

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It doesn’t look very serious to me Firpool
The values are not even up to date (12.5 BlockReward…?)

I can’t wait to see Cruxpool’s! They provide a good service in general. I used to mine RVN there and their site is clean and the service is good (the support too, they accompanied me well when I started so I like them a lot)

Do you understand how PoW coins work and how this is a serious issue for Firo?

sorry I wanted to answer to ABARDT

yes I’m, that’s why I’m happy about the arrival of Cruxpool, I hope it will contribute to the decentralization


Well that’s my whole point, I have no problem with miners, I do however have a big problem with miners concentrating their hash all on one pool where they have done this for a very long time.

It completely centralises the PoW aspect of the coin and thankfully the pool is not malicious (despite luckily now the masternode system is providing the security)

If miners cannot respond to this simple request, then they will most likely continue to be more marginalised.

It gets to a point when you ask yourself and say enough is enough. They want the firo project too respect their rewards, then how about the miners respect the projects concerns? Instead, since the block reward, notable miners have came out and completely dissed the project and putting it in a bad light, do you think that’s what holders of the coin want to hear?

I will be watching the hashrate share over the coming weeks and I will see if the projects concerns are being addressed.


Firo pool is live on :fire: :nerd_face: