Retain native blockchain or look into integrating into another ecosystem?

This is something I’ve been thinking about and have been in talks with various blockchain protocols.

We’re still in preliminary stages of evaluating the technical requirements for this but it’s an interesting option that allows us to participate in part of an ecosystem.

Not all chains can do this as there is a need for support of quite a lot of custom stuff so we’re looking at chains that would support this such as Avalanche sub-nets or Symbol’s planned sub-chains. This simplifies a lot of the bridging technology rather than having to build it from scratch.

It’s not a simple task and would be a big endeavor (may involve a whole rewrite) but to be the premier privacy option for a large vibrant ecosystem, ability to attract grant funding and other things would be a great way to revive the project. One of the problems of having to maintain our own blockchain is that we have to be maintaining every single component including bridges etc, being part of another ecosystem simplifies this though it also means a significant change in the current ecosystem support and is effectively a bet into that ecosystem.

This is very early, but would be interested to know what is everyone’s thoughts on this as a non-binding sentiment poll. Would also appreciate anyone who has more technical knowledge on this to assist to evaluate.

I love the idea, working with different protocols will definitely help firo in the long run

Yeah I’m familiar with the history of NEM/Symbol very well too and the pillaging that happened though it’s really changed structure and leadership as well otherwise I won’t be considering it. The funds of the project have also been placed with Valkyrie.

The metasurverse is very popular now, and recently attention has been paid to its need for privacy to protect data. Is it possible for FIRO to provide some help in this regard?