Renaming the Electron wallet

Hey there FiroFam!
We are gathered here today to discuss renaming the Electron wallet, and like nearly everything else about Firo, we want the community to weigh in and help out figuring out a new name for the wallet! The reasons for this are numerous, but one big reason is to help those with recognition of wallets. People consistently mix up Electron and Electrum, and that includes some of the team! In the interests of all of us, as well as newcomers to Firo, it seems quite imperative for Electron to be renamed to make recognition easier.

So please share your name that you think will fit the wallet and the theme of Firo, and let us brainstorm together!

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Signed up because i like to try naming things…

If i were to put something in the theme of firo i would call it ember.

But i think given how the tech works it would be more appropriate to all it phase, since coins phase in and out of existence.

Well whatever you choose, make it memorable, there are many super similar names out there, it gets confusing.

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I do dig the idea of Ember, but I think that was potentially part of the naming scheme for our privacy protocol going forward (Lelantus, Lelantus Spark, Lelantus Ember, etc etc)
I do like where your head was with that, though. I personally don’t think Phase really fits, though.

I personally was thinking of things like Forge, Hearth, etc. However, I don’t think those really fit either.

I dig where @DrNick was heading with a tech descriptive name.

First thing that comes to my mind is Cloak

Portcullis Wallet - After ancient castle steel gates

Haha. Portcullis would certainly stand out.
“You have your choices between Electrum wallet, QT wallet, and PORTCULLIS wallet. Deus vult.”
Joking aside, thank you guys for weighing in. I do like the thought process of security-related, as well.

Firo Desktop

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The problem I foresee with just calling it “Firo Desktop” is the fact that we have two desktop wallets - QT and Electron, and people often just say “Firo desktop wallet” when they’re using one or the other. It would most likely cause the same confusion we’re trying to get away from by renaming it to be distinct from Electrum.

Firo QT is actually included in Firo Core, but these are legacy from Bitcoin.

The intuitive names are Firo CLI, Firo Desktop, Firo Mobile.

Firo Desktop is also not necessarily tied to one technology or one design style, and it can also implement both full node wallet and light wallet functions for users to choose when using the wallet.

Okay, sure, but that doesn’t exactly solve the issues of people mistaking one wallet for another wallet. People who mistake Electron for Electrum aren’t confusing them on the basis of what they are - light wallet vs full node - or what they are capable of, but instead they are mixing them up because of their name similarity. In the same regard, people aren’t calling QT, Electron, or Electrum “desktop wallets” because of their functionality, they’re calling them that because it is a wallet on their PC - their “desktop”. So just calling Electron “Firo Desktop” may fix the mixing up of Electrum and Electron, it introduces the issue of whether they are talking about Firo QT or “Electron”, or if they are really out of sorts, perhaps they are mistaking Electrum because it is a “desktop” wallet. You know what I mean?

My suggestion is that the core team is only responsible for Firo Core (Firo CLI and Firo QT) and leave Firo Electrum (and maybe Firo QT) as secondary.

Rename Firo Electron to Firo Desktop and have it developed by UX developers and implement the light wallet feature later. Marketing only promotes Firo Desktop, and Firo Core is for professional use only.

Firo Desktop is the main user-side product of Firo and people will not be confused because it is officially recommended that they use only this desktop wallet, which contains full Firo functionality and the best user experience.


Firo Electron → Firo Phoenix

Fear Oh /s

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Read this as “Fear Ohs” and immediately thought of it sounding like a cereal haha.


Rich GUI Wallet

(its name would be self-explaining)

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I would love this though if we don’t maintain it, a lot of compatibility breaks. This is one of the drawbacks of being a smaller project that we are expected to maintain a lot of things.

For e.g. Firo Electrum if it isn’t maintained, all third party wallets that rely on it break along with Ledger support.

Firo Desktop is not a bad name but yes I do plan to have UX developers on it. Heck maybe this is something the Firo Community Fund can help with? :slight_smile:

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I like Embers or Ember wallet but I also want to throw in Pyro (or maybe Piro) as a suggestion for a new name as it’s similar in pronunciation to Firo and spelling. Well at least if you pronounce Firo more like the word fire is pronounced. Hmm …

Pyro comes from the Greek word πῦρ (pyr), meaning fire.


Pyro wallet certainly rolls off the tongue, and it does invigorate what you’d want considering the process for our privacy protocol. :thinking: